Lumara Lee


Lumara Lee is a professional with more than 25 years of writing experience. After working as a technical writer and editor for many years, she turned her love of writing into a successful freelance career. She has expertise specific to cars, jewelry, and dance, and has written about a broad range of topics.


Dance, Song, Performing,Gardening

Detailed Experience

Automotive Tech Writer and Editor

Lumara spent more than 20 years at Chrysler, where she collaborated with engineers to write and edit technical manuals, reports, and educational materials for various automotive products. She led validation teams, which consisted of engineers, technicians, and federal specialists, to verify the accuracy of the written information.

Dance Experience

Lumara developed a love for dancing at the age of eight when she began her studies of tap and ballet. She added jazz to her repertoire several years later. She studied modern dance at the State of New York at Stony Brook and then became involved in Middle Eastern dance, commonly known as belly dance. Lumara has taken numerous workshops with stars in the world of belly dance and performed with a local Middle Eastern dance troupe for more than 15 years. She enjoys different styles of dance and has also learned Zumba, hip hop, and sacred dance.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Lumara loves the great outdoors and often can be found hiking, gardening, or playing in her backyard creek. She is a member of a women's chorus, and sings, plays drums, and occasionally dances during performances. Her greatest joy, though, is spending time with her young grandson.

Contact Lumara Lee

If you'd like to contact Lumara about her writing services, visit her at LinkedIn.