T.J. Mimbs


T.J. Mimbs is a freelance writer, songwriter and recording engineer with over a decade of experience. He has contributed for music blogs such as Places We Don't Know and Live Music Blog and has written educational pieces for websites such as WhichWay Financial Services. T.J. has specific expertise in music, guitar and business.


  • University of Georgia: B.A., Finance

Detailed Experience

Musician and Recording Engineer

T.J. has been involved professionally in the music industry since graduating from The University of Georgia. While cutting his teeth in the vibrant music scene of Athens, GA, he developed skills as a songwriter, performer and recording engineer. He has written for, played on, released and/or recorded multiple albums and has hands-on experience in:

  • Production
  • Publishing
  • Touring
  • Financial management
  • Merchandising

On top of this, T.J. is a passionate music fan and critic, with unique perspectives on where the music industry currently stands and where it is heading.


T.J. has been playing guitar for over 15 years. Starting out on the instrument as a way to further his songwriting prowess, T.J. has developed strong skills in lead techniques and guitar composition. He has in-depth knowledge on various charting methods and expertise in guitar-related gear, both new and vintage.

Business Degree in Finance

T.J. graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors from the University of Georgia's renowned Terry College of Business with a degree in Finance. He has managed the finances of the multiple bands he has been a member of and runs his own music and video production company. T.J. has also composed educational material for an online trading platform.

More About T.J. Mimbs

T.J. leads an amazing life. If you'd like to learn more about his work, follow him on Twitter. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.