T.L. Bodine

T.L. Bodine


Tiana Bodine worked in the claims department of Allstate Insurance for three years before leaving to pursue writing full time. While there, she handled a variety of auto and homeowner's claims. She also worked on developing training materials for her coworkers and rapidly developed a knack for explaining complex insurance topics in a way a layperson can understand.

Since then, she's worked on numerous insurance-related writing projects, drafting content for major insurance comparison websites. She's also been published in several magazines, including an article in The Dollar Stretcher explaining the benefits of low-mileage auto insurance discounts. She's developed experience in many types of insurance, from property and casualty to life, health and extended benefits policies.

Small Pets

Tiana worked in a pet store for two years, gaining knowledge about a variety of exotic animals. She's also been involved in rat rescue since 2004, having found homes for more than 50 domestic pet rodents since that time and gaining invaluable knowledge about their habits, health and behavior.

Other Interests

In her spare time, Tiana is a novelist and animal lover. She's also an avid reader and enjoys experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen.

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