Summer Accardo, RN


Summer has written 15 books on health and wellness topics, and currently writes web content for a number of physicians, dentists, nutritionists, and chiropractors. She has written a wide variety of articles, but her main areas of expertise are in pregnancy-related issues, vitamin supplementation, and nutrition.


Health and Wellness,Pregnancy-related Issues,Vitamin Supplementation,Nutrition


  • Author
  • Labor and Delivery Nurse
  • Lamaze Instructor

Certifications and Awards

  • Registered Nurse

Detailed Experience

Summer Accardo is a registered nurse and freelance medical writer who has over 20 years of experience working in labor and delivery, emergency services, pediatrics, and medical-surgical units.

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Summer has years of experience working in labor and delivery, post-partum, and a level II newborn nursery. She worked in a large teaching hospital where she enjoyed teaching her patients what to expect during the various stages of labor, as well as what to expect during the postpartum period, after delivery.

Lamaze Instructor

Summer taught Lamaze classes and spent 5 years working with a high-risk pregnancy obstetrician. She regularly took certification classes and attended seminars to further her education. She also spent 2 years working with and counseling pregnant women who were diagnosed gestational diabetes.

Vitamins and Nutrition Advocate

Summer enjoys teaching her patients about the benefits of proper nutrition and vitamin and mineral supplementation. Throughout Summer's nursing career, she worked with a number of noted physicians who implemented various dietary supplements into their patients' care plans to help relieve their symptoms of chronic and degenerative diseases.

Summer also has a passion for educating people on the side effects of vitamin and mineral supplementation, as well as their interactions with certain prescription medications. She has learned, through her years of research and clinical experience, that certain dietary supplements can be just as effective in treating certain medical and psychological disorders as prescription medications.

More About Summer Accardo

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