Becky Merrifield

Becky Merrifield

Becky Merrifield is a freelance writer with specific expertise in fashion, beauty, business and marketing.

Fashion & Beauty

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Becky has created her own internationally sold beauty brand, Aura Cosmetics. Spending two years researching and developing the perfect formulations has given her insider knowledge on what makes the perfect beauty product.

She has also managed the marketing for global fashion brands, running the show at the top European fashion trade shows, styling photo shoots and hobnobbing with the fashion press. She loves being ahead of the latest seasonal trends and styling tips.

More About Becky Merrifield

Becky is also a brand and marketing consultant and freelance writer. She helps quiet creative types develop the marketing skills to spread the word about their businesses. Consulting with clients online allows her to be location-independent, the ultimate entrepreneurial dream. You can connect with her via LinkedIn.

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