Rachel Blumenfeld

Rachel Blumenfeld

Rachel Blumenfeld is a recovered lawyer who now works as an English professor, attempting to spread her love of literature to her students. In her spare time, she is a CrossFit trainer and she designs curvy-fit athletic wear for Manifesta. Rachel earned an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Bennington College. She has been published in many publications, including Hippocampus Magazine, Be More Magazine, and The Daily Beast.

Plus Size

Rachel has worked for several years in the fashion industry, focusing on curvy fit and plus size clothing. She designs and manufactures clothing, and has done ample research on plus size clothing from all brands and designers. She works frequently with designers for major labels, learning from their expertise and experiences.


Rachel is a nutrition expert, having studied the subject and attended various seminars since 2009. She is a researcher and writer for the Bulletproof Executive, a health website, and a nutrition specialist at the CrossFit gym at which she trains. She advocates a fresh diet full of healthy fats and proteins with no processed foods.


Rachel is an avid equestrian, and was a runner for several years before discovering CrossFit. Since 2009, she has been an active CrossFitter, and has her Level 1 Trainer's Certificate and an Olympic Weightlifting Coach Certificate. She has attended workshops on mobility and functional movement. Primarily, Rachel focuses on proper form and necessary exercise modification for injuries. Rachel loves helping people who are new to exercise discover their bodies' capabilities!


As an attorney, Rachel helped start and advise many businesses in various areas - real estate, oil, education, and fitness training, among others. She used her business law experience to help when opening her own business, Manifesta, in 2013. She still acts as CEO and manager of Manifesta, gathering more business experience every day.

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