Rebecca Wiseman


Rebecca Wiseman is a licensed cosmetologist who received her training at Carver Career Center. She is also a professional freelance writer who specializes in beauty topics.


Licensed Cosmetologist,Skin care expert,Makeup expert,Nail expert,Sewing expert,Crochet expert


  • West Virginia State University

Certifications and Awards

  • Management & Strategy Institute: Certified Business Office Manager

Hair Expertise

Rebecca has experience as both an employee in a salon and booth rental. Rebecca is an expert in dealing with curly hair since she lives with the daily hassle of taming natural curls. She continues to educate herself on what is new and exciting in products and styles. She enjoys doing perms, color services, and the latest cuts.

Skin Care and Makeup

Rebecca also does nails, waxing, facials, and makeup. She understands the aggravations of dealing with rosacea and acne and knows the tricks to covering them to get a flawless complexion.

Sewing and Crafts Experience

Rebecca is an avid seamstress and crocheter who has been sewing since she was eight years old. She enjoys doing crafts of all kinds, including beading, jewelry making, and woodworking.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Rebecca is the mother of twins, so she understands the organized chaos that is life with multiples. She helps care for the family hobby farm, which includes chickens, quail, rabbits, goats, and bees as well as the family dog. She is also is passionate about gardening flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and canning after the harvest.

Connect With Rebecca Wiseman

You can learn more about Rebecca's work by connecting with her on LinkedIn.