Bee Wolf-Ray

Bee Wolf-Ray

Bee Wolf-Ray is a professional astrologer, oracle reader, teacher, writer, dancer, musician and painter. She lives on the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

Horoscopes & Astrology Expertise

A professional astrologer of thirty years' standing, Bee has developed and works with the EarthMatrix system of astrology which uses Earth as ruler of Taurus and Chiron as ruler of Virgo, which allows for the symmetry of twelve signs = twelve planets = twelve houses. Earth represents the physical body, senses and immediate environment, and what's most important for one's abundance in the world. Taurus fits perfectly.

Writing Experience

She has written horoscope columns and astrology articles for several magazines and newspapers over twenty years. Currently, she writes columns for the Island Word which is based on Vancouver Island and for the Hornby Island First Edition. Bee is the author of an astrology text, The Spiral Path: A Journey Through the Houses (unpublished).

Focuses for Her Astrology Work

As an astrologer, Bee specializes in:

  • Helping people come to terms with their own unique selves and to accept what they truly are
  • Bringing people into alignment with their personal destinies
  • Freeing each client's own gifts and talents
  • Helping people understand the reasons for their struggles and frustrations

Especially important to her is helping parents to understand their children’s needs and be more effective parents, as well as helping couples and businesses to develop more rewarding relationships. When we truly understand ourselves and each other, there is no cause for hate. She views astrology as a powerful tool best used in developing an effective worldview that allows for maximum expression of one's creativity and free will as well as acceptance of one's unique character and destiny.

Paranormal and Metaphysical Expertise

Bee has expertise in channeling, oracle reading and dream walking, also known as guided meditation. She has read the cards professionally for twenty years, using Tarot decks, Oracle cards and her own deck of cards that she designed and created.

Bee has studied metaphysics in depth for many years. Of particular interest to her are concepts such as:

  • Life after death
  • Why tarot and oracle readings work
  • Psychic and paranormal experiences
  • Warps in time and space and the ways that reality unfolds influenced by unseen forces

From childhood, she has heard from and felt the presence of ghosts and spirits, finding them quite normal and no more frightening than any natural phenomenon. When a family or community member passes on, she spends time communing with the departed spirit, helping them to find their place and learning from them.

Contact Bee

Bee is available for readings and sessions online, through Skype and Facetime. You can also contact her through LinkedIn.

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