Ashley Miller


Ashley Miller is a licensed social worker, counselor, and parenting expert with a particular interest in helping children, adolescents, and families resolve conflict and develop happier and healthier relationships. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in Music in 1999, she continued her graduate studies at New York University, earning a Master of Social Work degree in 2002.


Parenting,Mental Health,Relationships


  • Social Worker
  • Counselor


  • New York University: M.S. Social Work

Certifications and Awards

  • Social Worker: New York State

Mental Health

Ashley is a mental health expert. She has worked in several psychoanalytic institutes focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of DSM-IV psychological disorders. Ashley has helped clients suffering from a wide range of problems such as depression, anxiety, attention-deficit disorder, and alcohol and substance abuse disorders.

Ashley takes an eclectic approach to mental health, combining her knowledge and experience of psychodynamic psychotherapy, object relations, and Jungian theory.

Licensed Social Worker

Ashley is a social worker licensed in the state of New York since 2002. With experience as a community food pantry director, an employee assistance counselor, and a volunteer at the 9/11 Family Assistance Center in Manhattan, Ashley has extensive expertise in crisis management and resolution, advocacy, promoting social justice and welfare, and helping her clients meet concrete needs, such as housing, medical care, and public benefits.

Parenting and Relationships

Ashley has had over ten years of experience as a child, adolescent, couples, and family counselor. Over the course of her career, she has helped couples and families learn to recognize and resolve common issues, such as setting boundaries, resolving problems, dealing with crises, and stress management.

In addition to counseling children, adolescents, couples, and families, Ashley has also published a self-help book for stepparents, Stepparenting: The Expert Advice You Need to Succeed.