Serenah McKay

Serenah McKay

Serenah McKay is a freelance writer and editor who has more than 20 years of experience working for newspapers in California, Texas and Arkansas. With a Bachelor's degree in communication, she has written for both print and online media, including the Los Angeles Daily News, Medical News of Arkansas, and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. She writes on a wide range of topics, and her areas of expertise include genealogy, dance, cats, and small pets.


Serenah is an expert genealogist, working in the field since her early teens. Besides continuing to trace her own family lines, she does consulting work for other families building their family trees. She combines personal history interviews with online and archival research to create well-rounded and authoritative family histories. She created and maintains a family history website on one of her ancestral lines.

Genealogical Society Memberships

Serenah keeps her skills up-to-date by attending genealogy conferences and seminars. She is a member of:

  • The Association of Personal Historians
  • The Oral History Association,
  • The Society of American Archivists


Serenah can't remember a time when cats weren't a part of her life. All of her cats are rescues, including some tiny kittens so young they needed bottle-feeding and round-the-clock care. She has also nursed many elderly and special-needs kitties with problems such as kidney failure, chronic urinary tract infections, blindness, and epilepsy.

Feline Welfare Advocate

Serenah is also an ardent advocate for cat welfare, promoting low-cost spay, neuter and vaccination services for pets and TNR (trap/neuter/release) for feral cats.

Best Friends Animal Society Editor

Serenah served for three years as the website editor for Best Friends Animal Society's Arkansas chapter. She created and maintains a website with information on caring for senior cats.

Small Pets

Serenah's passion for animals isn't limited to cats. She's also owned mice, dogs, and birds. She trained in wildlife rehabilitation through the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, learning skills such as tube feeding, administering injections, conducting physical exams, and wrapping injured wings and limbs. She has worked mostly with birds and rabbits.


A former professional dancer, Serenah earned a master's degree in dance at UCLA, focusing on dance therapy and choreography. She began ballet lessons at age 6 and soon added tap and jazz.

Ballet Experience

At 16, Serenah was accepted into a civic ballet company. That same year, she auditioned for and was invited to attend the San Francisco Ballet School's summer academy.

Modern Dance and Choreography Experience

In Serenah's college years, her interest shifted to modern dance and choreography. She danced with local professional companies, and after college pursued dance full time. Discovering a passion for musical theater, she portrayed Lola in "Damn Yankees," and choreographed the musicals "Baby" and "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."

Dance Instructor

Serenah also has taught ballet, modern, jazz, and tap to dancers from age four to adult.

Connect With Serenah McKay

Whether you're interested in Serenah's writing and editing services or her genealogical consulting talents, you can get in touch with her via her profile on LinkedIn.

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