Joyce Starr


Joyce Starr is a freelance writer with many years of experience writing fact-based articles for numerous publications and private clients. She is working on two books - one about landscaping with tropical plants and a fictional paranormal period piece. She has covered a variety of subjects during her freelance career, but her expertise lies in the fields of all things to do with horticulture and gardening.


Professional Landscape Designer,Small Business Owner,Gardener,Native Plant and Wildlife Enthusiast

Professional Landscape Designer

Joyce has been a small-business owner for 25 years, owning and operating A&J Starr Services LLC, a landscape & design and consulting business. She formerly owned and operated a lawn maintenance company and garden center. She held a professional gardener’s certificate and earned certificates in landscape design and xeriscaping. Her gardening articles appear in numerous publications and on private client sites including:

Practical Gardening Experience

A lifelong gardener, Joyce has many years of hands-in-the-dirt experience pertaining to:

  • Propagation
  • Pest and disease control
  • Organics
  • Planting and growing a vast variety of plant types
  • Designing landscapes

Joyce specializes in tropical plants, salt- and drought-tolerant gardens, herbs, and native plants. Living on the Florida coast, Joyce knows how to garden in difficult environments that are salty, sunny, hot, and devoid of water.

Native Plant and Wildlife Enthusiast

When Joyce is not inside sharing her gardening passion through her writing, you can find her wandering through and working in her jungle of a landscape where she has created a native plant sanctuary for wildlife. Her desire is to share her knowledge and experience, showing everyone there is an inner peace working in the garden watching your work spring to life.

Connect With Joyce Starr

You can connect with Joyce via her profile page at LinkedIn.