Chris Tice

Chris Tice

Chris Tice is a jack of all trades - air traffic controller, avionics technician, audio-animatronic repairman, aircraft mechanic, bartender, hot sauce maker, soldier and now a freelance writer! Tice first broke into freelance writing online at where he lent his expertise to local Orlando Do-It-Yourself and food articles. He then held the role of DIY Guy at the Orlando, Raleigh and Jacksonville home shows where he designed, built, and presented do-it-yourself project ideas on stage as well as appeared for promotional television news spots for the show.

Home Improvement

Being the eldest son of a kitchen and bath entrepreneur, Tice has spent many hours building, destroying, and maintaining other people’s homes. That is one reason he joined the Army - to get out of working for free! He now incorporates his electrical, plumbing, and mechanical experience rebuilding his own home and designing and repurposing unwanted junk. Check out his website, DIY by Tice, if you need advice or inspiration for that new project idea.

Theme Parks

With over a decade of experience operating, engineering, and maintaining central Florida’s amusement industry Tice has an eye for detail and thrill. From roller coasters, stage shows, and attractions incorporating both, Tice finds exciting new features in all theme parks across the country and around the world, and strives to learn what makes them tick. His Bachelor's degree in computer science lends a 'bionic eye' that helps him reverse-engineer just about any electronic device without physically taking it apart. But - if it doesn't work, taking it apart can't make it worse!


All the men in Tice’s family cook. Not just so they can plan dinner but because of the importance of knowing what goes in their food. With family tottering on the edge of diabetes and high blood pressure, Tice cuts back on frozen meals and saves money by serving fresh vegetables and incorporating fragrant herbs and spices to make meals flavorful yet healthy.

More About Chris

Always the trainer, Tice is entrusted with teaching new employees the who, what, how and why of each career path he works. His unique story-telling method inspires retention of knowledge and thrust him into creating and revising welcome documentation for each role he has possessed.

Tice continuously strives to get one step closer to reaching that American dream - self-employment! He says, “Being a jack of all trades isn’t easy because knowing a little about many things only makes you a master of nothing!”

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