Chris Tice

Chris Tice

Chris Tice first broke into freelance writing online at the former where he lent his expertise to local Orlando Do-It-Yourself and food articles. He then held the role of DIY Guy at the Central Florida Home + Garden Shows where he designed, built, and presented do-it-yourself project ideas on stage.

Home Improvement Expertise

Being the eldest son of a kitchen and bath entrepreneur, Tice has spent many hours building, destroying, and maintaining other people’s homes. That is one reason he joined the Army - to get out of working for free! He now incorporates his electrical, plumbing, and mechanical experience rebuilding his own home and designing and repurposing unwanted junk.

DIY Project Guru

Chris has designed and presented a number of innovative do-it-yourself projects from building board games to creating a guitar stand and even building furniture. He presented one project for turning a cooler into an A/C unit at a past Raleigh Fall Home Show. You can see examples of past projects by browsing his Twitter page.

More About Chris Tice

Chris' unique story-telling talents give him the ability to communicate his vision with his readers so they can easily follow his instructions to complete their own updates, repairs, and construction projects. He hopes to pass on his "do-it-yourself" passion that has given him such joy over the years.

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