Joe Oliveto

Joe Oliveto

Joe Oliveto is a professional freelance writer whose work has appeared in numerous major digital publications, including The Huffington Post, Time, Yahoo!, Thrillist, Cracked, and Elite Daily. Along with writing copy for various corporate clients, Joe has covered a wide variety of topics, including consumer technology, entertainment news, popular science, health and wellness, relationships and dating, fitness, photography, and many more.


Joe graduated summa cum laude from the State University of New York at New Paltz and promptly enrolled in graduate school there. During this time, he took a position as a teaching assistant, teaching a course on composition and rhetoric for first-year students. This role, coupled with his own passion for higher education, has given him an informed perspective on all aspects of the college experience, from applications to social life.

Dating & Relationships

As a regular contributor to Elite Daily, Joe frequently covers the topic of romance from a uniquely millennial perspective. Whether explaining how to use scientific research to craft the perfect online dating profile, offering advice on navigating relationships in the digital age, or simply editorializing on the topic, Joe approaches this issue with humor, honesty, and practical suggestions.


A devoted fitness enthusiast, Joe has written articles on the best fitness apps, exercises that can be done with household objects, and how to begin an exercise regimen. With contacts in startups which digitally connect clients to personal trainers, he is on the forefront of the industry and able to accurately explain how consumer technology will allow for greater access to fitness advice.

Food & Drink

As a staff writer for Thrillist Media Group, Joe wrote on emerging liquor brands, attended numerous PR events highlighting craft beer, and networked with dozens of professionals working in the New York City restaurant industry. He continues to seek out new breweries, voraciously researches the best bars in any city he visits, and spends weekends selecting interesting recipes to try.

Freelance Writing

Having earned an income as a freelance writer since the time he was still a college student, Joe knows how to pitch editors, find gigs, and build a client list that results in a reliable stream of work. Because he began his freelance writing career contributing to primarily digital publications, he understands the additional disciplines of SEO, social media, and tailoring content to an audience that increasingly reads articles on mobile devices.


A guitarist since he was a young teenager, Joe not only plays the instrument, but rabidly consumes publications and videos devoted to teaching guitarists new techniques, styles, and songs. He often finds himself in musical instrument stores, browsing for the latest equipment to add to his collection.

Movies & Music

Joe began his freelance writing career covering the entertainment industry. He's written humorous editorials, reported on trending news stories, and been hired to provide weekly reviews of popular TV shows. His insights have resulted in several of his articles on these topics earning millions of views, along with some prominent celebrity Tweets. Additionally, a video sketch he wrote was produced by Cracked, with a cast that included Milana Vayntrub, known to TV viewers as the AT&T spokesperson, Lily.


Since he first learned to read, Joe has had an insatiable interest in UFOs, ghosts, and cryptozoology. Over the years, he has read hundreds of books, watched dozens of documentaries, and attended numerous lectures on these topics. In his professional life, he has been in contact with multiple witnesses to the famed Ariel School alien encounter in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, and has discussed collaborating on an article or book with them. Residing in New York's Hudson Valley, known for its famous wave of UFO sightings along with various reports of hauntings, he's had his own bizarre experiences as well.

Stress Management

Joe's personal need for stress management techniques has led him to write on this issue for several publications, collecting scientific research, interviewing experts, and testing meditation apps to offer readers the best advice on how to handle their own anxieties. An impassioned advocate for sufferers of mental health problems, he cares deeply about using his writing as an opportunity to help those struggling to cope with the pressures of daily life.

Other Interests & Hobbies

Joe is a frequent reader, hiker, and concert-goer. Along with his writing clients, he assists his mother in her jewelry design business, writing copy for her websites and social media accounts, photographing products, and reaching out to potential customers. Learn more about the business at Designs by Reenie on Etsy.



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