Christy Sanborn

Christy Sanborn

Christy Sanborn has been a corporate and freelance writer since 2004, and her articles have been published on various publications and blogs, including eHarmony Advice. She holds an M.F.A. in Writing from Carnegie Mellon University and specializes in dating and relationship advice.

Dating & Relationships Expertise

Christy started her career in the online dating industry as a customer care representative with eHarmony, Inc. After winning 15 awards for outstanding customer satisfaction, including Customer Care Elite of the Year, she stepped into a specially created position to offer dating and relationship coaching to eHarmony members.

Dating Profile Advisor Role

As a writer on the Profile Advisor team, she aided users in transforming their eHarmony profiles to make successful connections. Under an alias, she wrote advice articles and provided customized assistance to relationship seekers via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and the eHarmony Advice online discussion forums.

Starting a Matchmaking Business

In 2012, Christy founded a business called Love Breakthrough to help singles search and find their best match online and "IRL" (In Real Life). Through seminars, online dating profile makeovers, and personal coaching, she also teaches groups and individuals how use the dating process to hone their relationship skills.

Personal Philosophy on Relationships

Christy believes that getting more real with ourselves and others and learning practical ways to love are keys to long-term romantic success. She regularly incorporates into her work information on gender differences and partnership she's received through taking workshops and researching the works of various experts such as Alison Armstrong, Louann Brizendine, and Shaunti Feldhahn.

Passion for Cooking

When Christy isn't busy helping people find true love, she loves preparing new dishes. Whether she's sharing tips for quick-yet-satisfying meals or trying to convince someone there's a pumpkin dessert they'll love no matter what, she does it with her own flair.

Get in Touch With Christy Sanborn

Visit Christy at LinkedIn to learn more about her writing and her dating consultant business. You can also follow her on

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