Tara Kunesh

Tara Kunesh

Tara Kunesh is a freelance writer with many years of writing and editing experience. Tara has written for local magazines and websites and is the proud author of a children’s novel: Faery Tales: The Cats of the Lost City. She has edited multiple academic papers over the course of her career as well as works of fiction.


Tara is a teacher. She holds a Master’s degree in education and has spent several years working within public schools, private schools, and the homeschooling community. She specializes in Language Arts and currently holds teaching certificates from Georgia and Wyoming. She loves to take college classes to keep her literary skills current and is the proud recipient of a writing award from Northwest College, Wyoming. Tara is also a Language Arts tutor for students from kindergarten to adult. She especially enjoys teaching the art of writing.

Tara understands that there are many ways to educate a child and enjoys investigating and writing about all of them. After spending the last fourteen years raising and educating her own children, Tara knows that there are several (often lesser known) homeschool, alternative, and mainstream educational opportunities that parents can take advantage of. She is dedicated to providing information that will assist parents and caregivers to make the best, informed decisions for the educational needs of their students.

Currently, Tara is enjoying homeschooling her own high school age student and has been researching information on colleges, standardized test prep, scholarships, and loans. As with schools, there are many routes to a college education and Tara relishes imparting information to parents about all these possibilities.


Tara enjoys writing for children. She understands the power of words and knows that children need good literature in order to succeed and grow in this information-rich world. Tara enjoys spending her free time at the library where she assists with the organization of local authors’ expos and community meet-and-greets. She is dedicated to assisting less known or self-published, but worthy, authors find a home for their writing within their community.

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