Jacklyn Janeksela

Jacklyn Janeksela

Jacklyn Janeksela is a freelance writer who lives nowhere but everywhere. Her work can be found at Culture Designers, Witty Bitches, The Talko, The Things, Thrillist, and upcoming for MOH. She has freelanced for topics including visa and immigrant assistance, technology, and education. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from CUNY.


Jacklyn is primarily a poet. Some of her work can be found @ felled limbs, Oddball Magazine, The Nervous Breakdown, Berfrois, Barrelhouse, Uut Poetry, Pig Latin, Thought Catalog, Luna Magazine, Talking Book Three Point Press & DumDum Magazine. She wrote a piece about two living poets who inspire her titled Words to Shake a Cradle, a Nation.

  • Theatre: Jacklyn was a NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship winner for her theatre piece on James Baldwin, an adaptation. She was part of a theatre workshop at Horse-Trade in NYC. One of her theatrical adaptations was accepted at Here Theatre in NYC.
  • Relationships: One of her essays on relationships will be published in a collection of stories titled Lessons from Losers in Love. She writes about relationships often at The Talko.
  • Anthology Publication: Her lyrical essay, A Tree of a Crab-Apple Variety//My Birth, will be published in an anthology about trees , Outpost 19.

She studies the greats and the not-so-greats, but studies herself more to understand where her craft wants to take her.

She is forthcoming.


Jacklyn is a self-taught artist and loves exploring and experimenting. Most of her knowledge stems from studying the work of friends and delving into the historical lives of those who once graced us with their presence. She is currently living in Paris to complete an artistic project based on James Baldwin’s work, Giovanni’s Room.

She paints on recycled items like cardboard and old books.

Teaching & Translating

Jacklyn has taught ESL since 2007 from New York City to Italy and from Colombia, Argentina, and the Czech Republic. She has taught youngsters and adults alike. She has a TEFL certificate. She is bilingual and has done some unofficial translation work for fiction stories. She will be writing for a Spanish language publication based out of Arizona. She speaks the following languages, but just on a survival level: Portuguese, French, and Czech.


Jacklyn has an Herbal Alchemy certification and plans to continue her studies in Alchemy. She frequently visits parks to study and talk to plants. In order to understand their foundations more, she is studying Vedic Astrology. Her goal is to be a healer under Ayurveda and Alchemy canopies.


While not certified, officially anyways, Jacklyn is a health enthusiast. Her dedication to Kundalini yoga began in the Arizona desert as a student and it has continued to grow into a real burgeoning relationship. She also uses meditation as a part of her regular routine and attributes her sanity to both practices.

She is a skilled vegan baker and a better-than-average Cuban salsa dancer who follows the old school style of casino. She has been studying, albeit briefly, contemporary and classic dance.


She loves, scratch that, adores them. Hence she doesn’t eat them. Her cat named Little Rabbit is a source of joy and gives her moments to reflect on life.


Jacklyn is in a post-punk band called The velblouds. Her baby @ femalefilet is for women, about women, and by women. More art @ artmugre & a clip. She is an energy.

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