Monica Mizzi

Monica Mizzi

Monica Mizzi is an experienced writer who currently serves as editor of She also writes on a variety of other topics and is especially adept at creating clever works designed to entertain yet still inform her readers.

Legal Topics Experience

In her role as the editor of, Monica works alongside a certified U.S. lawyer to ensure the accuracy of her pieces about the law. Like the rest of her skilled team, she researches and fact-checks her pieces extensively; a process which often involves interviewing lawyers to harness their expertise.

One thing Monica is always mindful of in her writing about law is how difficult understanding legal issues can be to the unacquainted. It is a feeling she herself has also experienced first-hand, so through her writing tries to play a small role in demystifying the complexity of legal issues, documents and queries people regularly encounter.

Writing Experience

Although writing has long been an outlet for Monica to express herself (ever since she set up her first blog as a young teen, in fact!), it was only in recent years she acknowledged what an important fixture it had become in her life. Writing is the means by which Monica feels most comfortable expressing all she has to say, and she has developed a uniquely personable and honest writing style. Check out more of her writing at Elite Daily.

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You can learn more about Monica's work by visiting her website,, and connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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