Gregory Austin

Gregory Austin

Gregory Austin is a freelance writer with more than ten years of experience writing both fiction and nonfiction. As a voice-over artist he has narrated numerous audiobooks and has led his vocal instrument to some of the most popular sci-fi and horror podcasts. Samples of his voice-over and written work can be found on his Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages.

Playwriting Experience

Gregory began his career as a playwright for hire. Originally writing full-length shows for the Woodbox Theater in Niagara Falls, NY, he soon began creating one-act and one-man/woman shows to be work shopped at Buffalo State University and Niagara University. He also provided scripts for local theater troupes including the Subversive Theatre and various outfits within the New Phoenix Theatre on the Park.

Improvisation Background

Having spent over half a decade in Chicago, Gregory took improv classes at both the Second City Company and the iO Theater (formally Improv Olympic). Shortly after just a few introductory classes, he formed his own improvisational troupe called The Human Touch, made up initially of four men and three women. In their later years, the troupe consisted of five women and two men, a rarity in the Chicago bar scene. During his five years with the troupe he acted as head writer for more than four of those years.

Acting Experience

A Fine Arts minor at university led to years of summer stock and Shakespeare in the Park (which, believe it or not, are not the same thing). Gregory also performed with a few touring companies and has appeared in community theater on occasion.

While in Chicago, he got involved doing extra work for a number of big-budget Hollywood blockbusters that were being filmed there. He very much enjoyed getting paid to stand around among celebrities and colorful locals while at the same time building up his resume and receiving two free meals per day.

Travel, Comedy & Politics

Gregory freelances for MapQuest where he writes about local interests in Buffalo and around the world. He has contributed to various comedic sites including CollegeHumor, Points In Case and Cracked. Both passions of his, if Gregory could spend the remainder of his life traveling the world and making quips, he’d do so in a heartbeat.

In Chicago, Gregory had the opportunity to write slogans and put together fact sheets for the 2008 re-elect Senator Dick Durbin campaign. Although often overshadowed by the campaign of another Illinois senator (Junior Senator Barack Obama’s presidential run), Durbin was still successfully re-elected thanks in part to the hard-working women and men on his team.

Writing Instruction

Gregory is a longstanding member of the Elmwood Writers’ Group, one of Buffalo’s premiere writing/critique groups, and also personally manages their Twitter account. He also acts as head facilitator for the North Tonawanda Adult Writers’ Group that meets bimonthly at the North Tonawanda library. Gregory is currently working on no fewer than three novels and believes peer review and critiquing are some of the best tools in becoming a stronger, more marketable writer.

More About Gregory Austin

If you'd like to learn more about Gregory or contact him about his services, visit his profile on LinkedIn.



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