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Jim Josselyn is a journalist and freelance writer whose first contribution came in 1992, a transcription and analysis of a Pat Martino guitar solo for DownBeat magazine. Jim went on to write three more articles for DownBeat, including transcriptions of guitarist John Scofield, trumpeter Miles Davis and an educational piece on harmony for composers. His many other credits include educational articles and reviews for Acoustic Guitar, Jazz Improv, Just Jazz Guitar, Cadence, AllAboutJazz.com, the Newark Star Ledger, the Asbury Park Press, the Monmouth Journal, spotlight pieces on local musicians and artists for Patch, business advice for Carol Roth's Business Blog and a feature article on Vinnie Favale, the executive producer for CBS for "Late Night With David Letterman" and "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" for New Jersey Monthly. In 1998 Jim wrote a transcription book on the music of guitarist Joe Pass for the Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation. In 2013 Jim was quoted in Richard S. Gallagher's "Customer Service Survival Kit", his best-selling business book. Jim has written on a variety of topics and his main areas of expertise are guitar, music composition, music instruction, the arts, dogs, sports, and small business and marketing.

Guitar and Music

Jim's journey in music started in an unusual place; on a day trip to Nogales, Mexico, with family friends from Scottsdale Arizona, when Jim was 11 years old. Guitars seemed to be everywhere, and after much pestering, Jim's mom bought him the toy; a beaten up old acoustic guitar with the strings practically falling off. Upon returning home to New Jersey, Jim registered for music lessons and the guitar soon became his favorite toy. A few months into the lessons Jim's assignment was "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and he realized if he practiced hard enough he could play it correctly. That was extremely important to Jim and made his parents very proud. Shortly after that, a neighborhood friend took the chance of sneaking Jim into his older brother's bedroom to share absolutely off limits materials; older brothers Jimi Hendrix records! After hearing the virtuoso guitarist for the first time, his life was changed forever.

Jim went on to pursue music professionally and achieved his masters degree in music performance from the Aaron Copland School of Music in 1998. The list of amazing musicians Jim has studied with includes jazz legend Pat Martino, Steely Dan guitarist Steve Khan, New York studio ace Rodney Jones, the late, great guitarist, composer and arranger Ted Dunbar, jazz pianist extraordinaire Kenny Baron, classical guitar virtuoso Christian Taggarty, world renowned saxophonist Jimmy Heath, the late pianist and composer Sir Roland Hanna and many others. A highlight of his performance career was a night at Lincoln Center in 1998 celebrating the career of Jimmy Heath with an all star band featuring Wynton Marsalis, Lew Soloff, Mike Mossman and others.

After studying with Ted Dunbar at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University for four years, Jim realized his greatest passion was composing music. In 2006, after a five year crash course in computer based home recording from one of his top students and master musician Jason Mattia, Jim began to license his original music to television, advertising and film. To date, his music has appeared in over forty television shows including "Anthony Bourdain No Reservations" on the Discovery Channel, "True Life" on MTV, "Clean House" on the Learning Channel, PBS's "The History Detectives", commercials for Delta Airlines and Rutgers University and the independent films "Brunch" and "Cold, Dark and Yesterday".


Jim started teaching his first guitar lessons at age 19. He realized immediately he had a passion for sharing music with students and in 2003, after teaching for private schools and two colleges, Jim rented commercial space and opened his own music school in New Jersey. Through trial and error, hard work and with the help of business consultant Sam Beckford and self-help and motivational guru Steve Chandler, Jim built the teaching business. When he started, Jim was the only teacher, teaching some fifty to sixty private students. The School of Music and Drama now has front desk staff, ten teachers and reached 215 students in 2013.

Jim has learned, put into practice and taught many valuable business lessons including negotiating commercial space, operations, management, hiring, marketing and advertising. Recently he added website design to his business portfolio. In 2014 Jim was hired as a business and marketing consultant to the Middletown Arts Center and worked closely with the 5013c non profit organization to help them improve efficiency and raise enrollment. Jim has also advised and been a consultant for a wide array of companies such as Master Strap Guitar Straps, Digital Boro, Best Music Stuff and My Deco Wrap. In 2014 Jim combined his passion for the humane treatment of dogs and love of marketing by teaming up with the Petco corporation to help market the Gentle Leader dog collar, a humane alternative to "choke" collars.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Jim is passionate about his hobbies. He's an admitted political junkie, loves the New York Yankees, obsesses over his beloved New York Jets, who he is sure will win someday, and enjoys cooking, film and literature. Jim plays softball every Sunday from April to August and enjoys exercise and riding his bike. Jim has twins named Samantha and Andrew that he loves dearly, their black lab pup Charlie, his yellow Lab Molly and Beagle Cooper.


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