Judit Covarrubias García

Judit Covarrubias García

Judit Covarrubias García is as passionate about words and languages as she is about beauty, love, and celebrating all that’s good in life. A minister’s daughter, she grew up surrounded by weddings and joyful moments. It was only natural she would pair her talent for translating with the magic of weddings and the beauty of photography. This singular combination of talents has allowed Judit to express different aspects of her personality while being of service to others.


Judit is a Certified Wedding Specialist by Weddings Beautiful Worldwide. With over ten years of experience, she has successfully planned more than 2000 weddings, including many destination weddings.

Judit's dedication to helping couples enjoy their day without any worries or concerns led her to hone her skills in flower design and photography. A consummate perfectionist, she is constantly driven to improve and master all the different aspects of wedding planning - from the legalese of it all to cake decor and beyond. If it’s wedding-related, she knows it.

Her greatest pride is the lifelong friendships she has formed with countless couples who continue sharing with her the joys of life after the wedding. That and, of course, the unforgettable moment when vows are pronounced and rings are exchanged. Just that moment alone makes all the planning more than worthwhile!


Judit is a multilingual expert translator appointed by the Supreme Board of Justice. Her appointment for translating encompasses English, Spanish, and Portuguese. More than 13 years of experience has allowed her to translate, copyedit, and write professionally in several fields. Her love for the written and spoken word, paired with her desire to facilitate communication, has been the basis of her translation work. Being an officially appointed expert translator has enabled Judit to help her community with plenty of pro bono work, which is her greatest satisfaction.

Language Learning

In addition to English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Judit can effectively communicate in Mandarin Chinese and Korean. Judit also has basic communication skills in Italian and French. Japanese is currently on her 'to learn' list. Some may call her a language hoarder but she knows that learning a new language is the door to expanding one’s comprehension of others and oneself.

Judit's language learning love stems from the Super Learning Junior Instructor certification she earned when she was just 13. Of course, growing up in a bilingual household with an afternoon tutoring gig probably had something to do with it too. In addition to being an avid language learner, Judit is working on the second part of her certification as a TESOL teacher with the University of Arizona. She enjoys teaching languages and finding new ways to learn them.


Judit took filmmaking classes with Film Director Gabriel Soriano while she was still in high school. This led to a part-time job editing films and videos and even participating in the production of several films. Not your usual high school part time job!

Soon after graduation, she traded a 40-page legal translation for a Nikon SLR camera complete with a telephoto, a macro, a fish eye, and a professional flash. Soon her love for nature photography flourished and her passion for capturing unique moments was born. She married her passion for weddings and her love of photography and was an active wedding photographer for several years.

Judit now specializes in nature macro photography. Recently, she published photography books Love in[g] God in Love I, Love in[g] God in Love II, and Love in[g] God in Love III showcasing beautiful haiku poetry meditations inspired by the intricate feelings of love and faith. She currently runs twitter account @joyhudie, exclusively posting nature macro photography with her favorite bible quotes.

Theology and Religion

Judit is certified in Scripture by the Newman Theological College. She has studied the bible in depth, both from the Christian and Jewish perspective (including the Prehistory of the Bible). She has studied several religions and philosophies and it is her wish to see the day where we all love and respect each other regardless of nationality, race, or creed.


Judit is a volunteerism advocate. She firmly believes in everyone’s capacity to do something for others regardless of economic status or other limitations. She currently volunteers at Coursera.org and at the United Nations Volunteering Online program and hopes many more will join her. A vegan and animal rights advocate, she also volunteers with Purr Project, a no-kill feline rescue shelter, regularly.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Judit deeply enjoys music, learning about other cultures, studying vegan nutrition, and working out. Above all, she enjoys sharing with others what she loves through her writing and photography.

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