Shelley Labrecque


Shelley Labrecque is a technical writer based in North Carolina. She has over 15 years of experience, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Queen’s University, and also runs her own freelance writing business.




  • Queen’s University: Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

Detailed Experience


As a technical writer, Shelley takes large amounts of technical information and organizes it into a logical order for people of different skill levels, from administrators to end-users. With a focus on telecommunications, Shelley has worked with many large software and hardware companies to provide:

  • Well-written documentation
  • Online help
  • Website content
  • Mobile application help
  • Context-sensitive messaging

Shelley has also served as a technical editor, editing liaison, and backup team lead. She has developed Standard Operating Practices for her fellow editors.

Business and Social Media

Shelley runs her own freelance writing business which:

  • Provides technical writing expertise
  • Contributes articles to various online and print publications
  • Assists clients in updating and streamlining their website content and social media presence
  • Supplies ghostwriting and editing services

Check out her blog about running a small business, time management, and networking at

More About Shelley Labrecque

Shelley is passionate about both reading and traveling. She and continually takes classes in a wide array of subjects to learn something new. She moved with her family from Ottawa, Canada to Wilmington, NC to live at the beach. If you'd like to learn more about her writing services, connect with her on Linkedin.