Genae-Valecia Hinesman

Genae-Valecia Hinesman has been a professional freelance writer and author since 2002 when she made the life-changing choice to leave a successful career as a banking and financial management executive to write full-time.

Business & Money

A cum laude graduate of the University of Southern California's School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Genae spent nearly eleven years as a corporate executive specializing in financial asset management and as a banking manager. Several of those years were spent managing a team of over two hundred finance professionals across a region comprising five major cities. During this time, she obtained State licensure in insurance and variable annuities as a means of better assisting her clients to attain their financial objectives.

A key aspect of her work involved educating individuals and growing families about how to utilize credit and credit cards to enhance their financial well-being and security instead of falling prey to common mistakes that plague so many with paralyzing debt. Guiding people and their families as they learned financial strategies to help them create a more stable and secure financial future was one of the highlights of her corporate career.

An entrepreneur at heart, Genae has built and run several businesses over the years, both with the partnership of her husband, and without. As a writer, Genae has contributed business and financial articles to The Boston Globe, The American Chronicle,, ehow Business and Finance and, among others.

Fashion and DIY Beauty

During her undergraduate years at USC, Genae was approached by a fashion scout and professional model who encouraged her to begin modeling and acting. At the time, she was considering a future career as an entertainment lawyer and thought that it would give her a rare insider's perspective. To her surprise, the world of fashion became a secondary educational experience where she learned first-hand from industry experts tips for makeup application, hairstyling and care, clothes, accessories and an abundance of DIY beauty techniques.

Genae still appears in at least four fashion shows per year for a well-known women's fashion retail chain. Her fashion background led to her being selected as one of a small group of curated writers chosen to provide content for Tyra Banks' beauty and fashion DIY site, Type F. Her articles on fashion, hair, skincare and makeup generated a large amount of traffic for the innovative, though now defunct, website.

For Genae, helping others find information and solutions to problems they face every day is the most rewarding part of being a writer. In early 2017, a reader tracked her down via the internet and social media to contact her personally about an article she wrote in 2005 about one of her homemade therapeutic herbal creams. The reader found the recipe very effective, as did her daughter, who suffered a chronic condition, and a close friend. Unfortunately, the website housing the article had been taken down, and she had lost part of the recipe. She contacted Genae in the hopes of obtaining the full recipe and instructions. Genae was able to forward the necessary information from her personal files to help the grateful reader.


A native of Orlando, Florida, Genae's father was a popular local jazz musician before his sudden death in 1988, so music was always a central focus of her life. She played principal flute and piccolo in her high school marching and concert bands, among other extracurricular activities, and plays electric bass guitar. When she isn't sketching or painting, she enjoys listening to an eclectic blend of music ranging from classical to jazz, R&B, oldies, 80's New Wave and alternative pop to her favorite types of music – classic hard rock and heavy metal!


Genae considers the written word her first true love and has always been passionate about the art and craft of writing. She was the editor-in-chief of her high school's newspaper. Since becoming a professional writer, she has written hundreds of articles on diverse topics for both print and online media outlets. She has also authored a collection of original poetry, some of which has appeared in an anthology, and is an aspiring novelist.


Bilingual since the age of four in French and English, Genae is today something of a polyglot. She is nearly fluent in Spanish and Russian. Studying foreign languages is a beloved pastime, as she finds the spoken word nearly as fascinating as the written. Her son and daughter share her love for learning languages.


Genae has been vegetarian since her third year in college, and her husband and children are vegans. For this reason, organic vegan and vegetarian nutrition, cooking and baking have become a daily necessity. An accomplished vegetarian chef, one favorite hobby is to take conventional recipes and veganize them in surprisingly delicious ways that even omnivore friends and family members crave.

Family and Education

Genae is a happily married wife and mother of two children. As a product of private education throughout her entire academic life, she was dissatisfied with the learning options available to her own children. Having excelled in school from an early age, and growing up with a mother who was an educator and school administrator with three degrees, Genae was familiar with pedagogy, early childhood education, and juvenile cognitive development. This convinced her to register as a homeschooling parent when her first child was ready for kindergarten. The academic successes of both children and their overall character development confirm that homeschooling was the correct choice for her family.



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