Genae-Valecia Hinesman


Genae-Valecia Hinesman has been a professional freelance writer and author since 2002 when she made the life-changing choice to leave a successful career as a banking and financial management executive to write full-time.


  • University of Southern California

Detailed Experience

Business & Money Expertise

A cum laude graduate of the University of Southern California's School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Genae spent nearly eleven years as a corporate executive specializing in financial asset management and as a banking manager. Several of those years were spent managing a team of over two hundred finance professionals across a region comprising five major cities. During this time, she obtained State licensure in insurance and variable annuities as a means of better assisting her clients to attain their financial objectives.

Credit Counselor

A key aspect of Genae's work involved educating individuals and growing families about how to utilize credit and credit cards to enhance their financial well-being and security instead of falling prey to common mistakes that plague so many with paralyzing debt. Guiding people and their families as they learned financial strategies to help them create a more stable and secure financial future was one of the highlights of her corporate career.

Business Owner

An entrepreneur at heart, Genae has built and run several businesses over the years, both with the partnership of her husband, and without. As a writer, Genae has contributed business and financial articles to:

  • The Boston Globe
  • ehow Business and Finance

More About Genae-Valecia Hinesman

Genae continues to freelance. If you'd like to talk to her about her writing, you can connect with her via LinkedIn.