Andy Martin

Andy Martin

After earning a Ph.D. from Boston University, Andrea Martin became a freelance writer with a focus in conservation, green living and animal behavior. You can also find her teaching composition and writing in the English Department at Worcester State University.

Gardening and Organics Expertise

Raised on an old-fashioned farm, Andrea was growing organic crops long before that term came into popularity. With years of expertise (passed down from generations) in all manner of horticulture and ornamental landscaping, she currently teaches gardening courses at Black Thistle Farm in Massachusetts.

Horse Trainer

Black Thistle Farm is where horses get to experience a natural lifestyle! Andrea is a liberty trainer with over 15 years experience teaching and helping horses. She has rescued and re-homed several equine partners and currently has two, rare breed, Spanish Colonial horses in Massachusetts. She shows clients how to build a lasting and fulfilling bond with their horses.

Nurturing Nature

Andrea shows clients how to connect with their chickens and horses at Black Thistle Farm (BTF). The property is also home to BTF's chicken rescue! You can visit the farm's website for engaging tips, creative recipes... and fun 'chicken' tales with the hilarious gang at Backyard Chicken Talk. You can learn more about BTF by visiting The Sierra Club and CBS News.

More About Andrea Martin

When not helping to rescue chickens, Andrea's day job involves working with clients at Black Thistle Writing Studio as a specialized copywriter and marketer for the vegan lifestyle, homesteading, animal/pet, wildlife and conservation niches. If you'd like to learn more, follow her on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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