Danielle Reed

Danielle Reed

Danielle Reed is a freelance writer with the education and experience to provide information on a variety of topics. She currently writes lessons for Study.com, primarily for use in post-secondary education, and serves as an email marketer for a company that services a large amount of mom-preneurs. She has written articles on many topics, including business, marketing, literature, and the college experience.

Education Highlights

As an undergraduate, Danielle attended the University of Florida. This traditional undergrad experience provided her with the college experience every person should have!  After undergrad, she worked for some time before deciding to get her Master's in Business Administration. This was a traditional graduate school experience, working full time while earning her degree.

Business and Marketing Experience

After working in an agency environment and for a large publicly traded company, Danielle decided to write full time from anywhere in the world. She completed her Master's in Business Administration in the Spring of 2017. She has personally worked on effective marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes. She has worked with various industries including  law, consumer products, fashion design, medical , and even beekeepers. 

Study Abroad Program Participant

While getting her MBA, Danielle participated in a study abroad program in Dubai. This specific focus in international finace included visiting government agencies and learning from some of the most successful companies out there. Danielle loves business, including the internal workings and unique culture of each organization.

Board Games Aficionada

Danielle comes from a "board game" family. She loves word games like Scrabble and Bananagrams. Lately, she has been playing a lot of strategy games like Catan (Cities and Knights expansion) and Carcasonne. In her family, Danielle is always the rule reader and figures out how to play the game. She then teaches everyone how to play!

Social Networking Experience

Danielle works on social networking projects for clients across the United States. She manages brands providing both products and services.

Danielle loves determining the right networks for a company to participate in. She also manages social listening for a number of clients to make sure their brand reputation is strong.

More About Danielle Reed

If you're interested in Danielle's writing services, contact her at nDash.co.


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