Andrew Border

Andrew Border

Andrew is a freelance writer, musician, technology professional, and self-professed nerd who has a deep passion for learning and sharing. When Andrew isn't writing or keeping up with the latest tech trends on Twitter (@Andrew_Border), he is planning his next international adventure. Andrew has been to 13 countries and can't wait to see more. Andrew's main area of expertise is technology.


Andrew has been tinkering with computers for his entire life. Right out of college Andrew began working for Apple Inc. He would coordinate with Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, CA and train new employees in hardware, software, and services. In addition to these responsibilities, Andrew helped create customer workshops that covered topics like OS operation, cloud services, and professional applications. After leaving Apple, Andrew began working for Extron Electronics. At Extron, Andrew created instructional, customer-facing web content and technical documentation that helped customers with advanced features like Extron's proprietary control programming language and commercial audio DSP optimization.

Board Games

Andrew first started playing board games when he was a young boy. A couple of nights a week he would join his family to play the classic board games: Life, Monopoly, Risk, and Yahtzee. This early love of games led him to start playing Magic: The Gathering, Talisman, and modern-day classics like Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, X-Wing Miniatures, and Android: Netrunner.

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