Bonnie Grant

Bonnie Grant

Bonnie Grant

Bonnie Grant is a passionate gardener, nature and animal lover with a flair for cooking and entertaining. Her early career as a chef for 18 years instilled a passion for design, event planning and all things party. She has been writing professionally for over 15 years with contributions to both online publications and print magazines on topics ranging from gardening to conservation to pets to food. She is the author of "Antidepressant Microbes in Soil- How Dirt Makes You Happy". Her interests beyond food include home improvement, knitting and crafts, fitness, politics, holiday and party design and cats. She has degrees in English Literature, Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts and Urban Agriculture. After many years as a chef she transitioned into event planning where she created one of a kind events for intimate guest counts of just 12 to large scale galas for 5000. Combining her love of food and wine with the creative aspects of party planning has been a labor of love, one which translates into that perfect dream wedding , surprise party, or romantic 50th anniversary.


Bonnie was planning weddings long before she planned her own. For over 25 years her ability to create delicious, targeted menus and work with a variety of vendors as event details come together, has been a hallmark of her success. Designing the particulars of each event is what makes every wedding unique and specific to the client. She takes pride in tailor making every aspect of an event, from finding the right venue, to developing the menu, visualizing and executing the table scapes and even creating the games and activities. She recognizes that every union is special and unique and deserves planned details that reflect that couple's passions and love for each other. Weddings should encompass themes that resonate with the couple and also embrace their guests in an evening of fun, romance and celebration. Creating dream weddings for over 18 years has been a privilege and and an honor in Bonnie's life and career.


No area of event planning has been neglected in Bonnie's experience. She has worked with circus performers, animal trainers, heavy metal bands, nervous brides and even more nervous mother's of brides, large groups of 13 or 15 year olds as they make their way into the adult world, lifetime partners and partners who are looking to be together for a lifetime, just to name a few. Whether planning a small sit down dinner or a large fund raiser, her ability to dialogue with her clients and glean their desires for the event is what makes planning so worth while. Watching someone's dream come true in every aspect is a heart warming and rewarding pursuit. In the home, party planning tips go a long way to de-stressing a harried host or hostess. Bonnie's tricks for simplifying and streamlining the planning process have helped many a DIY party planner. The joy that comes with watching any event run smoothly and perfectly is a gift she is happy to give to any who ask.


Bonnie has been involved in both corporate and private holiday events. Christmas can be a busy and stressful time. Bonnie's holiday events are designed to be joyful and encompass both traditional and modern ideas. Celebrating the holidays with co-workers, friends or the family can be done with careful planning and expert tips. Whether she is planning an in-home get together or a Christmas gala, Bonnie's holiday events are arranged with the client in mind. Once the tone is set, it is important to remember that Christmas is about more than tinsel and pretty lights. Bringing a feeling of childish delight combined with the fellowship of the season makes any Christmas party magical and meaningful.

Other Passions

Bonnie has her finger in many pies. She is involved in her community and has been a devoted advocate of Pea Patches, both in the planning and execution stages. She is not afraid to try new things such as salsa dancing, Zumba, and Thai Chi. She is an avid knitter and hardly anyone with a new baby has gone without a first handmade blanket, each one designed especially for the new arrival. Her love of Mexico has seen her travel there 18 times over the years. She also has a landscape design service, The Garden Witch, focused on sustainable, environmentally conscious concepts. As a previous chef, she delights in creating a food focused landscape and is an avid vegetable gardener. Cooking is an interest that will continue her whole life. Entertaining and cooking go hand in hand and many friends, family and acquaintances have been welcomed to her table.


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