Bonnie Grant

Bonnie Grant

Bonnie Grant's early career as a chef for 18 years instilled a passion for design, event planning and all things party. She has degrees in English Literature, Hospitality Management, and Culinary Arts. After many years as a chef, she transitioned into event planning where she created one-of-a-kind events for intimate guest counts of just 12 to large-scale galas for 5,000 guests. Combining her love of food and wine with the creative aspects of party planning has been a labor of love.

Professional Event Planner

No area of event planning has been neglected in Bonnie's experience. She has worked with circus performers, animal trainers, heavy metal bands, nervous brides, large groups, teens, and lifetime partners, just to name a few.

Bonnie is the Senior Event Planner at Gourmondo Catering.


Bonnie has been involved in both corporate and private holiday events. Christmas can be a busy and stressful time, but Bonnie's holiday events are designed to be joyful and encompass both traditional and modern ideas. Celebrating the holidays with co-workers, friends or the family can be done with careful planning and expert tips.

Whether she is planning an in-home get together or a Christmas gala, Bonnie's holiday events are arranged with the client in mind. Once the tone is set, it is important to remember that Christmas is about more than tinsel and pretty lights. Bringing a feeling of childish delight combined with the fellowship of the season makes any Christmas party magical and meaningful.

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