Christina Majaski

Christina Majaski

Christina Majaski began writing for children’s and teen magazines in 2003. In 2006, she began writing and editing for various online publications, covering a range of topics. She has experience writing about personal finance, feminism, law, parenting, social media, and more.

Paralegal Background

Christina’s background and experience includes working as a paralegal in a law firm for more than six years. Her paralegal degree from Rasmussen College and her experience working in a law office gave her the information necessary for writing and editing content for law firms across the United States.

Christina provides content for various law offices, including blog posts, web pages, newsletter content, and social media content.

Personal Finance Expertise

Christina has more than ten years of experience writing and editing for personal finance publications including:

Christina has become an expert on credit cards and other financial products, building and managing your credit, and making sure you save money, and getting the best deal on nearly everything you purchase.

Social Media, Digital Marketing and Business

Over the years, Christina has had a personal and professional interest in social media, business, and digital marketing. Her business degree has helped her provide both business and marketing content. She has managed social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, for different businesses and publications. She has also covered social media news for

Parenting Children and Teens

Christina not only began writing for children’s publications, but as a parent, she has gained the experience needed to contribute parenting content for publications such as She has also covered gaming (Minecraft) for parents for Minnesota Parent and is the author of The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Robloxing: Everything You Need to Build Awesome Games!

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