Rose Wheeler


Rose Wheeler is a freelance writer and content manager with more than 14 years of experience. She writes articles, blog posts, and email newsletters that are full of personality for numerous digital publications in the fashion industry, as well as the beauty, lifestyle, and retail industries. Rose also covers women’s lifestyle topics and has specific expertise writing about entrepreneurship and freelancing, business, digital marketing and social media.


Fashion expert,Personal stylist,Image makeover consultant,Social media manager,Online community manager


  • The Cheat Sheet: Menswear columnist


  • Colorado Technical University: M.B.A., Human Resources

Fashion/Style Expertise

Rose is a style expert. She has been in the fashion world in one way or another since she was five years old, from doing commercials as a kid to modeling and participating in beauty pageants. For 14 years, she has worked as a:

  • Freelance fashion stylist
  • Fashion writer
  • Blogger
  • Consultanten-US
  • Copywriter
  • Boutique owner
  • Content manager

Rose reads about the industry daily, takes classes, and researches digital trends and case studies to ensure she’s always up-to-the-minute.

Experienced Personal Stylist

Over the years, Rose has styled numerous clients helping them put together a capsule wardrobe for each season, shop for special occasions, or dress them for an event. Rose has worked with clients with all budgets and from all walks of life. She worked with higher-end clientele and female entrepreneurs, as well as job seekers that needed help dressing for an interview. As a style blogger, she has collaborated with popular retailers and brands such as:

  • ModCloth
  • Modani
  • Weddington Way
  • Simon Malls
  • Loverly
  • Warby Parker

In Rose's articles and on her blog, she helps readers by giving styling tips focused on dressing the body you have now. She understands how our bodies are constantly changing, but she believes that we can still show our personalities through our own individual style.


Rose also has expertise specific to menswear. She authored a menswear column for The Cheat Sheet, where she covered Men's fashion, grooming, and men’s lifestyle topics.

Beauty Background

Rose is a makeup junkie and natural hair advocate. She tries out beauty products weekly and writes beauty tips and product reviews for two digital publications. Styling her curls has become quite the adventure since she decided to let her naturally curly hair be free over ten years ago.

Image Makeover Consultant

As an Image Makeover Consultant, she assists clients with beauty makeovers to help them land better jobs, shine at special occasions or just feel better about themselves. Rose gives her clients hair and makeup advice, color-consulting, and instructions for self-confidence. She also works with clients facing the media spotlight to help them look and act their best.

Naturally, she has an innate sense of style and up-to-the-second knowledge of fashion, hair and makeup trends, and how to apply that makeup, in personal and corporate settings.


Rose's formal education is in business, and she has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in human resources management from Colorado Technical University. She has worked as a social media manager, content editor, marketing assistant, and online community manager. Rose currently works as a content manager for female entrepreneurs.

Although Rose started writing at a young age, it wasn’t until she opened her boutique that her passion for writing really began. At that time, she started a blog to document her journey as a new business owner. Writing on the blog daily and using the few social media platforms available at the time helped her reach customers in a way she didn’t think it was possible. Rose became obsessed with learning everything she could about this new way to market.

Connect With Rose Wheeler

Rose is a busy professional, but you can connect with her via her profile on LinkedIn. You can also follow her on Twitter.