Kelly Wade, Ph.D.


With a background in science, education, gardening, research, and writing, Kelly has expertise across a wide range of topics. She holds a Bachelor of Forensic Science (Honours) from Deakin University, a Ph.D. from the National Australian University, and several other degrees including Certificate IVs in Government and New Small business. She has published six gardening books, three children’s books, and a writing book. She has also taught swimming, ballet, maths, English, science, and chemistry, and she has worked with brands like ANZ and Lenovo to produce financial advice and technology content.


Gardener,Forensic Science Expert,Health and Medicine Expert,Private Tutor and Teacher,Children's Book Author,Coding and Technology Expertise,Small Business Owner


  • Assistant Pharmacy Technician: Working along-side a pharmacist
  • Small Business Owner: Runs her own writing business


  • Deakin University: Bachelor of Forensic Science
  • National Australian University: Doctor of Philosophy

Affiliations and Memberships

  • Meals on Wheels


Kelly is an incredibly keen gardener whose passion led her to write and publish six gardening books. She has a special interest in organic gardening practices, including permaculture, and plant science. She also ran her town’s community garden program for several years, has run a garden that delivered produce to a local Meals on Wheels service, and has delivered primary school garden programs.


Kelly’s formal education at the graduate and post-graduate level has given her an excellent grasp of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and forensic science and afforded her a successful career developing national and international science policy.

Medicine and Health

Much of Kelly’s Ph.D. research focussed on developing the foundations of anti-cancer drugs. She also worked as an assistant pharmacy technician for several years.


Kelly trained as a swimming teacher, taught ballet to young students, and had a very successful career as a private academic tutor teaching English, maths, science, and chemistry to primary, secondary, and tertiary level students. She’s also worked with several businesses to produce educational content.

Children and Family

Kelly is married with two young children and has always enjoyed teaching children of all ages. This led her to write, illustrate and publish three children’s picture books and volunteer at her local preschool and primary school. She’s also worked with several brands, like Minbie, to craft baby care resources.


Kelly has a lifelong love of computer games and technology. She’s proficient in HTML and CSS, and she’s dabbled in producing computer games in the past. Her interest in all things tech led her to work with Lenovo on several occasions to produce tech-related resources.

Finance and Money

As a small business owner, Kelly has a good handle of business finance and has worked with brands like ANZ, DBS Bank, and InvoiceInterchange to produce a wide range of business and consumer finance resources.


Other the years, Kelly has been a loving and dedicated pet parent to dogs cats, chickens, and cavies (guinea pigs), and has babysat turtles, lizards, and rabbits. She’s also worked with several brands, like Wagoo, to craft pet care resources.

Contact Kelly Wade

If you'd like to learn more about Kelly's content and marketing services, visit her at K. M. Wade.