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This article is created by LTK Studios, LoveToKnow Media’s branded content studio.

About LoveToKnow Media Native Articles

Native articles are a form of paid advertising on LoveToKnow Media properties. You’ll also see this type of advertising called content marketing or sponsored posts. This content is developed and produced by LoveToKnow Studios, a division of LTK Media, on behalf of a paid advertising campaign. 

Since it’s sponsored content, native articles have a few noticeable differences from our core content. These articles are clearly labeled “sponsored” and list the paying advertising partner. The messaging is also geared toward a highly targeted audience. Therefore, LTK Studios operates independently from the LoveToKnow editorial staff. 

We strive to give our readers the best possible online experience. So, our quality control process ensures the brands we partner with live up to the same standards that our editorial policy outlines. If we believe a brand is trying to mislead our readers or promote a product we wouldn’t recommend, we will discontinue working with that brand.  

If you have further questions regarding native articles or content marketing, please reach out to us at

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