Kelsey Graham


Kelsey Graham is a professional writer with a background in writing for blogs, magazines, social media, and e-commerce. She has a Master’s in Professional Writing and a Bachelor’s in Art History from the University of Cincinnati. She currently works as a freelance writer and has pieces published with Simply Recipes, Edible Ohio Valley, Rover’s The Dog People, Women of Cincy, and To read more on her background and latest published pieces, check out her LinkedIn profile.


  • University of Cincinnati: M.A., Professional Writing

Food & Cooking

As an amateur chef and baker, Kelsey loves testing new recipes and products in the kitchen. She believes you should always have vanilla and cinnamon on hand and that chocolate chips always belong in banana bread and pancakes. As a vegetarian, Kelsey always searches for new and delicious recipes (without mushrooms) to feed her family and friends.

Not only does she enjoy the cooking process, but she also has a background in writing about food and restaurants. She loves talking with the people behind the food and learning what led to a passion for food and creating.

Family & Kids

Kelsey is a proud mom to a creative and vibrant daughter. She’s navigated the landscape of being a young parent and has accepted that she’ll never stop learning on this parenting journey. She loves the Montessori-learning method and believes it’s important to allow kids to use their imaginations and creativity. As a mom to a budding pre-teen, she is constantly trying to stay up to date on the latest and greatest and find the best approaches for raising a kind-hearted and strong woman in today’s world.


Kelsey is an animal lover who currently has two dogs and two cats. Just like with her human child, she enjoys staying up to date on the latest in pet care and will spend hours researching the best foods, toys, and treats for her fur kids. She currently writes for and Rover’s The Dog People as a freelance writer.

Art, Fashion, & Design

Kelsey holds a degree in Art History and spent much of her studies focusing on fashion history. She loves early 20th-century fashion illustration and searching for comfortable yet stylish items to add to her wardrobe. She’s known to dabble in design both during her professional and free time and loves talking about color theory.