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Noha Abuhadra

Commerce Writer

Noha Abuhadra is a complete shopaholic who spends her days scouring the internet for the next big thing to add to her wishlist. With an apt talent for finding the best deals and knowing the right places to turn to, she’s the perfect guide for all things shopping. Noha is a writer for a number of websites including The List.


  • Georgetown University: Bachelor of Political Science, Culture & Politics.

Detailed Experience


Noah’s number one obsession is all things beauty. With overflowing drawers and shelves filled with the endless beauty products she hoards, she’s tried it all at this point. Perfecting her skincare routine and finessing her makeup skills are her favorite things to do.

Film & Television

While she applies her 12 step skincare routine, Noha is a certified binge-watcher. Spending her days with a constant loop of Real Housewives playing in the background of whatever she does, while she spends her evenings bingeing the latest Netflix drop.

Exercise & Diet

One part of her day that Noha refuses to ever cancel is hitting the gym. Having tried every diet and workout approach under the sun during her weight loss journey, Noha loves trying out the next big fitness trend that’s hyped.


As a Leo sun, Virgo rising, Taurus moon you can tell by her chart that Noha’s pretty obsessive. One of her favorite things to obsess over has to be horoscopes. All things zodiac and celestial, as a matter of fact. Committed entirely to her monthly full moon and new moon rituals, Noha’s very in tune with her spiritual side and has a tendency of blaming everything on mercury being retrograde.