Jessica Gore


Jessica Gore holds a degree in biology and has a lifelong love of all things botanical, with a special fondness for organic gardening principles and heirloom plants. She currently resides on a work-in-progress hobby farm, where she continues to battle the Northern Ontario climate and search for cold hardy fruit trees.


Organic Lifestyle Enthusiast,Diet and Nutrition Expert,Personal Trainer,Biologist,Gluten-Free,Personal Trainer,Farmer

Certifications and Awards

  • Certified Personal Trainer: Utilizes science to improve fitness

Organic Lifestyle Enthusiast

Raised on a small farm in Middle of Nowhere, Canada, she can still remember her shock when she first learned the origins of most grocery store food. The pursuit of an organic lifestyle seemed the natural response to such atrocity, and she now lives on a hobby farm eerily similar to her childhood home. She hopes to pass on her tree-hugging ideals to her own children.

Diet and Nutrition

Jessica Gore has been studying diet and nutrition for nearly 15 years. Her interest began with the desire to have a healthy first pregnancy and continued with the desire to lose the 80 pounds gained during that pregnancy. Today, Jessica is a personal trainer and biologist. She lives in Ontario, Canada, and continues to explore the many complex ways in which foods influence human health.

Gluten-Free Studies

As a biologist with a fascination for the human body and its systems, Jessica has spent nearly fifteen years independently researching various aspects of human physiology and nutrition. Gluten intolerance and its association with human evolutionary biology have been of particular interest, and she continues to follow scientific studies investigating this puzzling condition.

Certified Personal Trainer

Jessica Gore began exercising after the birth of her first child. She was instantly hooked and began to research the scientific principles behind physical fitness.

Jessica's fascination with exercise physiology and biomechanics led her to pursue personal trainer certification in 2003, followed by a degree in biology in 2004. Today, she maintains a regular fitness program for both physical and emotional health and continues to be amazed at the workings of the human body.