Murrye Bernard

Murrye Bernard

Murrye Bernard is a freelance writer who lives in New York City. She has been published extensively in national magazines as well as online. While her expertise is in architecture and interior design, she enjoys writing about diet, exercise, food, beauty and fashion.

Professional Architect

Murrye holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, so she primarily writes about her area of expertise as well as interior design and green living. She has been published in several architecture and interior design publications, including Architect, and Eco-Structure, and has served as editor for the American Institute of Architects newsletter.

Interior Design Consultant

Murrye also has quite a bit of first-hand experience in home improvement after renovating an early 1900s Craftsman style home. She currently works as a design consultant at Relative Space in New York where she helps other designers select flooring options that complement their own designs.

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