9 Babies’ Computer Games to Encourage Learning

Updated February 1, 2021
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The best babies' computer games are for smartphones and tablets. These computer devices are small, mobile, and touch screen. Additionally, because so many little ones are utilizing smartphones, there are many baby and toddler computer game apps that encourage learning.

Best Toddlers' and Babies' Computer Games

The apps below are good learning programs for babies and toddlers because they're kid-friendly and interact with the little ones with sights, sounds, and other fun ways. They also introduce babies and toddlers to various skills - from hand-eye coordination to music, animals, ABC's, math, and problem-solving - in an entertaining way.

1. Baby Rattle Games: Infant & Toddler Learning Toy

Baby Rattle Games might be the #1 app for infants. This unique app makes a rattling sound when you shake your iPhone or iPad. It has bright and colorful images, real-life sound effects, and a touch-and-move screen. There are four different themes, and it even plays soothing classical music. Baby Rattle Games is free and can be downloaded from the Apple Store. It's rated 4.5 by Apple reviewers.

2. Balloon Pops

Balloon Pops an excellent first app for a baby and the first step in learning cause and effect, pointing skills, and targeting. It makes a pleasing sound when a balloon is popped, counts, and displays the number of balloons popped. When the little one presses the balloons, they'll hear the numbers 1-10. It has background music, but you have the option to turn it off. Additionally, there are no ads or erroneous buttons for the baby or toddler to click on while playing. It can be downloaded for $0.99 at the Apple App Store. It's rated 4.3 by Apple reviewers.

3. Baby Games for One-Year-Olds

Baby Games for One-Year-Olds is an adorable way for a baby to learn numbers, letters, shapes, colors, animals, toys, fruits, musical instruments, and more. The little ones will have fun switching between its two games: 'Let's Play!' and 'Let's Learn!' The app also has brightly colored and talking flashcards buttons and entertaining sound effects and melodies. This app is free and available from the Apple Store. It's rated 4.5 by Apple reviewers.

4. Baby Games - Piano, Baby Phone, First Words

Baby Games -Piano, Baby Phone, First Words is an educational phone game that features baby songs, nursery rhymes, and rhyming games. It's easy to use and perfect for kids between six and twelve months. Babies can hear birds' sounds while seeing their images on the screen. Four different musical instruments allow them to make their own music by tapping on the screen. There's also a Baby Phone that encourages them to play nursery rhymes and learn sounds, numbers, and animal names. Babies can touch the screen and pop balloons and set off fireworks. Toddlers can even phone an animal, and it will answer, complete with a cartoon face and real sound effects! This free app can be downloaded from Google Play. It's rated 4.4 by Google Play reviewers.

5. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids has a complete category of topics for kids 1 year and up. This app allows you to select your child's age and, based on that age, has spectacular content in different areas for fun learning. It's even more complete because it has activities that can be carried out without the internet. Khan Academy Kids can be downloaded from Amazon. It's free because it is made by a non-profit organization and doesn't have any advertising. It's rated 4.6 by Amazon reviewers.

6. Sensory Baby Toddler Learning

The Sensory Baby Toddler Learning app can provide a newborn baby, infant, or toddler with multiple sensory experiences. When the little one touches the game screen, there are sound effects and vibrations. It has numerous visual effects, including bubbles, fireworks, starfish, seahorses, turtles, and various fish, all with different contrasting colors. It also has a game lock to prevent your toddler from accidentally exiting the game. This is a free app with ads that can be downloaded at Google Play. Google Play reviewer rated it 4.1.

7. Fish School - 123 ABC for Kids

Fish School creates a colorful underwater experience for your child as little fish swim around and create different shapes, numbers, and letters for them to identify. The fish can be touched and dragged and made to do funny things while the child listens to variations of the ABC song. For toddlers and preschool children, there's even a memory matching game. Fish School is free and recommended for ages 2-5. It can download from the Apple Store. User reviews rate it 3.9.

8. Little Stars - Toddler Games

Little Stars - Toddler Games is a fun app that covers ABC letters, names, and sounds, as well as recognizing and counting numbers, colors, and shapes. Parents can adjust the question's content and can even record their own voice to be used. Little ones will love that correct answers are rewarded with virtual stickers. It has a single-player mode, but two can also play this computer game. Parents can also customize it with pictures of family and select categories appropriate for different ages of children and skill levels. This is a free app available from the Apple Store. User reviews rate it at 4.4 out of five.

9. Musical Me! - Kids Songs Music

Musical Me! is for children age 2-6. The little ones join Mozzarella the Mouse in a musical world with 5 activities. Fourteen popular children's songs were recorded especially for this app. The kids can touch the birds to play a song or tap, drag, or hold the monsters and watch them dance to music. It also has several musical instruments so toddlers can play along. Plus, they can even create their own music by moving notes on a staff. This app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple Store. Apple reviewers give it a 4.2 rating.

Best Computer Games for Babies

Many children start using smartphones and pads before their first birthday. By the time they enter school, they're computer whiz kids, but the jury is still out on how computer screen time affects children. Although some parents use these baby and toddler game apps as babysitters, they'll never be a replacement for interacting with a parent. Play these computer games with your kids and make sure they are only a small part of how they learn, especially if they are less than two-years-old.

9 Babies’ Computer Games to Encourage Learning