375+ This or That Questions for Kids

Published April 9, 2020
family having breakfast together and talking

If you need icebreaker questions for kids or are looking for fun dinner conversation ideas, this or that questions for kids can get everyone talking. This or that questions are similar to "Would you rather?" questions because kids are presented with two options they have to choose between. Which will you choose, this or that?

Funny This or That Questions for Kids

Every kid loves to laugh, so try out these hilarious tricky questions to get them ROFL.

  1. Sleep under your bed or in the bathtub?
  2. Bedroom under the stairs or bedroom in the attic?
  3. Walk on your hands or slither on your stomach?
  4. Sleep with one eye open or sleep with both ears closed?
  5. No belly button or four belly buttons?
  6. Two extra toes or two extra fingers?
  7. Be your grandma for the day or your dog for the day?
  8. Eat all food in popsicle form or drink all food?
  9. Be a statue or a painting?
  10. Fly on a broom or fly on a vacuum?
  11. Be a stick figure or be a bobble head?
  12. Toga or full suit of armor?
  13. Speak in rhymes or speak in song?
  14. Walk backwards or sideways?
  15. Snort when you laugh or pee when you laugh?
  16. Thingamajig or thingamabob?
  17. Number one or number two?
  18. Face plant or face palm?
  19. Jokes or pranks?
  20. Booty or bum?

This or That Questions for Students

Whether your in the classroom or homeschooling, students have probably already considered these questions.

Male student thinking about art class or music class
  1. Gym or recess?
  2. School on weekends or school all year?
  3. Three digit subtraction or multiplication?
  4. Science or social studies?
  5. Art class or music class?
  6. Doodling or journaling?
  7. Class hamster or class turtle?
  8. Sit at your desk or stand at your desk?
  9. SmartBoard or chalkboard?
  10. Group project or individual project?
  11. Notebooks or folders?
  12. Hearing an example or seeing an example?
  13. Library or computers?
  14. Keyboarding without tears or handwriting without tears?
  15. Regular teacher or substitute teacher?
  16. Homeschool or private school?
  17. Lunch lady or janitor?
  18. Spirit week or fun Friday?

This or That Food Questions for Kids

Kids love food, especially certain foods. What will they choose when they're given some odd food options?

Girl thinking about smoothie or milkshake
  1. Vegetable flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored vegetables?
  2. Tomato juice or pickle juice?
  3. Sweet and sour or sweet and spicy?
  4. Breakfast for dinner or dessert for breakfast?
  5. No snacks or no dessert?
  6. Mug or sippy cup?
  7. No spoons or no forks?
  8. No plates or no bowls?
  9. Vegetable chips or dried fruit?
  10. Bubblegum or lollipop?
  11. Candy shaped like animals or animals shaped like candy?
  12. Store food in your cheeks or store food in the ground?
  13. Milk straight from a cow or almond milk?
  14. Grow all your food or buy all your food?
  15. Ketchup or ranch dressing?
  16. Smoothie or milkshake?
  17. Sliced apples or applesauce?
  18. Fruit snack or fruit leather?
  19. Granola bar or chocolate bar?
  20. Double burger or sliders?
  21. Boxed macaroni and cheese or homemade?

This or That Animal Questions for Kids

Find out more about your child's personality when you discover which animals and animal features they'd choose.

  1. Four legs or no legs?
  2. Tail or wings?
  3. Tweet or roar?
  4. Fly or swim?
  5. Polar bear or panda bear?
  6. Narwhal or pink dolphin?
  7. Mini horse or mini pig?
  8. Milk a cow or milk a goat?
  9. Tentacles or claws?
  10. Dogsled or horse-drawn sleigh?
  11. Seahorse or sea cow?
  12. Flamingo or peacock?
  13. Run fast or climb fast?
  14. Pet snake or pet spider?
  15. Talking dog or barking cat?
  16. Fainting goats or screaming goats?
  17. Skinny pig or naked mole rat?
  18. Chipmunk cheeks or horse teeth?
  19. Scared cat or smiling dog?
  20. Flying fish or flying squirrel?

This or That Fantasy Questions for Kids

Tap into your child's imagination with this or that fantasy questions.

  1. Bigfoot or abominable snowman?
  2. Aquaman or shark boy?
  3. Mermaid or siren?
  4. Fairy or gnome?
  5. Mini dragon or giant dragon?
  6. Phoenix or griffin?
  7. Centaur or minotaur?
  8. Giant or troll?
  9. Hippogriff or thunderbird?
  10. Giant wolf or werewolf?
  11. Vampire or Frankenstein?
  12. Save the world or rule the world?
  13. Superhero or supervillain?
  14. Ninja or samurai?
  15. Cloud castle or castle under the sea?
  16. World made of fast food or world made of candy?
  17. Never dream or never stop dreaming?
  18. Wand or crystal ball?
  19. Potion or spell?
  20. Wizard or warlock?
  21. Fire power or ice power?

This or That Pirate Questions for Kids

Kids can pretend to be pirates for a day when they decide on answers to these questions.

  1. Pet parrot or pet monkey?
  2. Eye patch or peg leg?
  3. Hook hand or sword?
  4. Pirate hat or bandana?
  5. Bury your treasure or spend it all?
  6. Gold doubloon or silver coin?
  7. Jewels or artifacts?
  8. Pirate flag or ship figurehead?
  9. Whistle while you work or sing while you work?
  10. Scrub the deck or walk the plank?
  11. Arr or ahoy?
  12. Pirate queen or pirate fairy?
  13. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys or Jake and the Neverland Pirates?
  14. Captain Hook or Smee?
  15. Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Barbossa?

This or That Princess Questions for Kids

Bring out your inner princess and see what kind of ruler you'd be with these questions.

  1. Locked in a tower or locked in a dungeon?
  2. Crown or tiara?
  3. Talk to animals or beautiful singing voice?
  4. Ride a horse or ride in a carriage?
  5. Royal ball or royal parade?
  6. Brave or kind?
  7. Make peace or make war?
  8. Castle on a mountain or castle by the sea?
  9. Mulan or Merida?
  10. Pocahontas or Snow White?
  11. Cinderella or Elsa?
  12. Ariel or Moana?
  13. Beauty and the Beast or The Princess and the Frog?

This or That Toy Questions for Kids

Kids make decisions about what toys they want or will play with each day. These questions can help them decide what's best.

Boy thinking about squirt gun or nerf gun
  1. Train table or LEGO table?
  2. Remote control car or remote control helicopter?
  3. Fingerlings or Hatchimals?
  4. Squirt gun or Nerf gun?
  5. LOL or Shopkins?
  6. Play dough or moon sand?
  7. LEGOs or K'Nex?
  8. Pooping baby doll or pooping toy dog?
  9. Board game or card game?
  10. Slime or silly putty?
  11. Cars or trucks?
  12. Barbie or Skipper?
  13. Robots or aliens?
  14. Monopoly or Life?
  15. Go Fish or Old Maid?
  16. Chess or checkers?
  17. Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh?
  18. Play kitchen or play store?
  19. Fort or indoor tent?
  20. Glow sticks or glow necklaces?

This or That Book Questions for Kids

Kids who love to read will have a hard time answering these literary this or that questions.

  1. Picture books or chapter books?
  2. Fiction or nonfiction?
  3. Graphic novel or comic book?
  4. Read out loud or read to yourself?
  5. Captain Underpants or Dog Man?
  6. Pete the Cat or Bad Kitty?
  7. Madeline or Amelia Bedelia?
  8. Pig the Pug or Doug the Pug?
  9. The Rainbow Fish or The Pout Pout Fish?
  10. Eric Carle or Dr. Seuss?
  11. Coloring book or activity book?
  12. Joke book or cookbook?
  13. Paperback or hardcover?
  14. Bookmark or dog-eared page?
  15. Old books or new books?
  16. Color or black and white?
  17. Read all day or read all night?
  18. Ebook or real book?
  19. Write a book or illustrate a book?

This or That Movie Questions for Kids

If you've seen many of the most popular kids' movies, you'll be able to answer these questions quickly.

  1. Baby Groot or baby Yoda?
  2. Snow White or Frozen?
  3. Spiderman or Antman?
  4. Sharkboy or Beast Boy?
  5. Big Hero 6 or The Incredibles?
  6. Trolls or Toy Story?
  7. Finding Nemo or Finding Dory?
  8. Harry Potter or The Wizard of Oz?
  9. Popcorn or candy?
  10. Movie theater or rent a movie?
  11. 3D movie or IMAX movie?
  12. Animated movie or live-action movie?
  13. Comedy or action?
  14. Stop motion or claymation?
  15. No sound or no color?

This or That Video Game Questions for Kids

All you gamers out there can settle these virtual debates once and for all.

  1. Mario or Yoshi?
  2. Princess Zelda or Princess Peach?
  3. Splatoon or Fortnite?
  4. Let's Go Pikachu or Let's Go Eevee?
  5. Noob or Steve?
  6. Creeper or cave spider?
  7. Creative mode or survival mode?
  8. PlayStation or Xbox?
  9. Minecraft or ROBLOX?
  10. Disney Infinity or LEGO Dimensions?
  11. Nintendo DS or Nintendo Switch?
  12. Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution?
  13. Single-player game or multi-player game?
  14. Wii or VR?
  15. Puzzle game or role-play game?
  16. Controller or joystick?
  17. DanTDM or Thinknoodles?

This or That Music Questions for Kids

Whether you like playing music or listening to it, you'll surely have an answer for these questions.

  1. Headphones or earbuds?
  2. Rock or pop?
  3. Spotify or Pandora?
  4. Dance party or karaoke?
  5. Let it Go or Into the Unknown?
  6. The Gummy Bear Song or Peanut Butter Jelly Time?
  7. Whip or Nae Nae?
  8. Freeze Dance or Dance Monkey?
  9. Kidz Bop songs or original versions?
  10. Maracas or tambourine?
  11. Keyboard or piano?
  12. Drum set or drum pad?
  13. Banjo or ukulele?
  14. Hum or whistle?
  15. Play music or listen to music?

This or That Arts and Crafts Questions for Kids

Show off your artistic style by answering these crafty questions.

  1. Watercolors or finger paints?
  2. Construction paper or scrapbooking paper?
  3. Scissors or hole punch?
  4. Stamps or stickers?
  5. Crayons or markers?
  6. Glue stick or liquid glue?
  7. Duct tape or Washi tape?
  8. Glitter or sequins?
  9. Chalk or charcoal?
  10. Clay or Model Magic?
  11. Collage or drawing?
  12. Craft kit or create your own?
  13. Wood craft or paper craft?
  14. Keep it or give it away?

This or That Sports Questions for Kids

If your kids love to be active, these questions will get their minds running.

  1. Indoor soccer or outdoor soccer?
  2. PIG or HORSE?
  3. Coach or referee?
  4. Greatest of all time or highest paid of all time?
  5. Dance fighting or sumo wrestling?
  6. Flag football or tackle football?
  7. NFL or XFL?
  8. Street hockey or ice hockey?
  9. Most points or most assists?
  10. Animal mascot or human mascot?
  11. Wiffle ball or softball?
  12. Kickball or dodgeball?
  13. Ultimate frisbee or frisbee golf?
  14. Mini golf or mini bowling?

This or That Outdoor Questions for Kids

Kids who love nature will have no problem answering these questions about the great outdoors.

  1. World without plants or world without animals?
  2. Camping alone in the backyard or camping with someone in the jungle?
  3. Eat a grub or eat a raw fish?
  4. Camp with no tent or camp with no fire?
  5. Fish from a dock or fish from a boat?
  6. Mud or sand?
  7. Creek or stream?
  8. Lake or pond?
  9. Hike or bike ride?
  10. Birds or bats?
  11. Bees or mosquitos?
  12. Butterfly or dragonfly?
  13. Pedal boat or canoe?
  14. ATV or dirt bike?
  15. Flower garden or vegetable garden?
  16. Backyard or front yard?

This or That Weather Questions for Kids

It's not always sunshine and rainbows outside. Decide what weather you prefer by answering these questions.

Girl looking out window thinking about spring or fall
  1. Clouds or fog?
  2. Thunder or lightning?
  3. Rain or snow?
  4. Tornado or hurricane?
  5. Earthquake or tsunami?
  6. Spring or fall?
  7. Summer or winter?
  8. Warm or hot?
  9. Freezing or sweating?
  10. Raincoat or umbrella?
  11. Gloves or mittens?
  12. Coat or sweatshirt?
  13. Hat or earmuffs?
  14. Flip flops or sandals?
  15. Sunblock or sun hat?

This or That Space Questions for Kids

Imagine yourself in outer space and answer these far out questions.

  1. Sunrise or sunset?
  2. Moon or sun?
  3. Shooting star or meteor?
  4. Jupiter or Saturn?
  5. Big dipper or little dipper?
  6. Black hole or wormhole?
  7. Flying saucer or UFO?
  8. Moon rocks or moon sand?
  9. Freeze dried ice cream or freeze dried brownie?
  10. Walk on the moon or walk on mars?
  11. Friendly aliens or evil aliens?
  12. Live in space or vacation in space?
  13. Human astronaut or chimpanzee astronaut?
  14. Watch a launch or watch a landing?
  15. Astronomy or astrology?
  16. Galaxy or solar system?
  17. Astronaut or mission control?

This or That Vacation Questions for Kids

If you can't go on a vacation, you can dream about one with these questions.

  1. Ice hotel or sand castle?
  2. Drive or fly?
  3. Water park or amusement park?
  4. Zoo or aquarium?
  5. Family vacation or friend vacation?
  6. Indoor pool or outdoor pool?
  7. Cruise or resort?
  8. Disney World or Legoland?
  9. Beach or forest?
  10. Road trip games or movies in the car?
  11. In your country or on another continent?
  12. Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls?

This or That Holiday Questions for Kids

Celebrate some mixed-up holidays with festive questions.

  1. Your birthday or Christmas?
  2. St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day
  3. New Year's or 4th of July?
  4. Tooth fairy or Cupid?
  5. Halloween or the Day of the Dead?
  6. Mother's Day or Father's Day?
  7. Presents or a feast?
  8. Finding your Easter basket or catching a leprechaun?
  9. Santa or reindeer?
  10. Birthday cake or birthday party?

This or That Family Questions for Kids

Try out these fun questions to ask your family members at the dinner table.

  1. Only child or ten siblings?
  2. All sisters or all brothers?
  3. Identical twin or younger sibling?
  4. Same birthday as a family member or birthday on a holiday?
  5. No birthday party or no presents?
  6. Family game night or family movie night?
  7. Cook together or eat together?
  8. Shared bedroom or own bedroom?
  9. Grandma or nana?
  10. Grandpa or papa?
  11. Cousins or friends?
  12. Aunts or uncles?
  13. Mansion or small house?
  14. Yard or rooftop deck?
  15. Minivan or SUV?

This or That Clothing Questions for Kids

Kids have a style all their own and you'll understand why when you hear their answers to these questions.

  1. T-shirt or tank top?
  2. Sweatpants or jeans?
  3. Long socks or short socks?
  4. Shorts or pants?
  5. Sports jersey or character shirt
  6. Dress or skirt?
  7. Bright colors or black and gray?
  8. Matching outfit or wacky outfit?
  9. Fancy clothes or comfortable clothes?
  10. Lace-up shoes or velcro shoes
  11. Button-up or zip-up?
  12. Hooded sweatshirt or sweater?

This or That Vehicle Questions for Kids

Kids who love big machines and vehicles will have to choose only one for each question.

  1. Convertible or racecar?
  2. Limousine or antique car?
  3. Truck or Jeep?
  4. Excavator or crane?
  5. Roller or fork lift?
  6. Train or plane?
  7. School bus or tour bus?
  8. Monster truck or clown car?
  9. Tractor trailer or tractor?

Scary This or That Questions for Kids

Don't be scared, you don't have to live with your answer for these frightening questions.

  1. Ghost or zombie?
  2. Skeleton or headless horseman?
  3. Loud noise or squeaky noise?
  4. The dark or some place high?
  5. Snakes or spiders?
  6. Nightlight or flashlight?
  7. Dentist or doctor?
  8. Monster under the bed or monster in the closet?
  9. Bad dream or bad day?
  10. Falling or flying?
  11. Bike with no training wheels or roller skating?
  12. Scrape or bruise?
  13. Blood or poop?
  14. Booger or ear wax?
  15. Get your ears pierced or get a shot?
  16. Take medicine or take your temperature?

Hard This or That Questions for Kids

Kids might have a hard time making these this or that decisions.

  1. Video games or TV?
  2. Stay up late or sleep in?
  3. Be a baby or be an adult?
  4. School or grounded?
  5. Chores or homework?
  6. Spend or save?
  7. Shower or bath?
  8. Bath bomb or bubble bath?
  9. No pets or a farm?
  10. Tablet or cell phone?
  11. Nickelodeon or Disney Channel?
  12. Netflix or YouTube?

Which Will You Choose?

This or that questions are great for rapid-fire talking games or to use as conversation starters and writing prompts for kids. Once you've answered all the "This or that?" questions, try answering fun yes or no questions for kids and difficult critical thinking questions for kids. Other cool question games include truth or dare questions for kids and Jeopardy style questions for kids. What will your answers say about you?

375+ This or That Questions for Kids