Does Hollister Sell Kids' Clothing?

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If you visit the main Hollister clothing site or one of their retail stores, you may be disappointed to learn that Hollister kids' clothing isn't one of the clothing categories.

Does Hollister Sell Kids' Clothing?

Actually, no, they don't. However, if your kids are grade school age or taller than average, you might be able to buy them some of the clothing made for the teen set. This is because Hollister clothing is notoriously small in size, especially in the female department. In fact, clothing selections are typically centered around sizes zero to nine (XXS and XS as well), and even those sizes may fit smaller in proportion than similar sizes in other stores.

The Hollister store's main website offers two categories of clothing: guys and girls. Pay close attention to their sizing listed for each item on their website and measure it up to your children. Can they fit into some of the smaller teen sizes? If not, then you will have to wait until they are a bit older or taller. It might just be the perfect "coming of age" gift at their 13th birthday.

Hollister is a subsidiary of Abercrombie & Fitch, and this division of the mega clothing company is geared towards teens, ages 14 through 18 years of age.

What to Know

Many people love the exclusivity of wearing the Hollister brand. The Hollister name is often featured on a variety of clothing. Other distinctive Hollister clothing aspects include the "distressed" jean look that features worn spots and holes. Hollister clothing for girls are typically sized using the standard junior size chart for girls, while boys' pants are generally sized based on the waist measurement. In addition, some clothing items, such as athletic wear, are based on the small, medium, and large sizing.

If you are interested in buying trendy clothing of similar quality to that sold at the Hollister store, you may want to consider shopping the children's line from their parent company, Abercrombie and Fitch. Abercrombie and Fitch childrenswear is available in trendy styles, although the clothing may not have the same west coast vibe that Hollister is known for.

Hollister Stores

While you can certainly order online at the Hollister website, there are stores located in malls and shopping centers all over the country. Bring your children as this will help you determine if they are up to the Hollister sizing yet. If you aren't sure where the nearest store is to your location, visit the website and use the site's store locator. Finally, search for Hollister clothing deals on Amazon and eBay.

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Does Hollister Sell Kids' Clothing?