Teen Camps and Summer Programs

Published May 31, 2019
teens in canoe at camp

As kids become teens, they often develop special interests, and because of this, there are numerous summer camps and programs focused on providing teens an in-depth experience with something they love doing. Summer camps aren't a one-size fits all kind of experience. Teen summer camps are as varied as the teens that attend them, and there is one that will fit your interest if you know where to look.

Teen Camps

Going to camp is a great break from your normal life, and with so many camps available for teens, there's sure to be one that fits your interests.

Music Camp

You could be a rocker. Maybe classical is more your tune. There are teen music camps all over America that fill your music needs. Not only will they teach you the perfect riff, but you'll meet teens that delight in your love of the treble clef.

Adventure Camp

You might not be sailing on the high seas, or could you? Adventure camps can have you crawling through caves or white water rafting. Maybe you're snorkeling the great barrier reef. The adventures are endless in these camps.

Sports Camp

Learn the perfect layup at basketball camp. You might improve your pyramid at cheer camp. Perfect your pitch at baseball camp. Teen sports camps teach you to improve your technique and get better in the sport while being surrounded by teens. It isn't all about sports either. They focus on fun too.

young teen boys playing basketball

Arts and Fashion Camp

Do you have an eye for design? A flair for the dramatic? Camps that focus on arts, theater, and fashion and design might be right up your alley to fill your summer days. You might stay for only a night or maybe a week. Whatever the case, you'll be able to lose yourself in your art.

Computer Camp

Computers, programming, design, oh my. Computer camps fill your days with computer design, programming, and even management. Not only will you learn the languages behind computers, but you could make some amazing apps alongside your new bestie.

teens in computer class

Extreme Camps

Extreme camps are not designed for the faint of heart, and they are as varied as the extremists that take them. You might lose yourself at a skateboarding camp or climb the side of a mountain. If it is extreme, you'll find a camp that has it.

Weight Loss Camps

While the focus might be on food and portion sizes, weight loss camps are more about fun. You'll learn the value and fun found in exercise and make new friendships that you couldn't even imagine. The best part is, you'll be around teens with the same focus getting healthy.

Religious Camps

While Christian summer camps are the most well known in the states, there are camps all over that US that cover all different types of religions. These camps not only focus on spreading their message but getting like-minded teens together in worship.

Camps for Teens With Disabilities

Having a disability can be hard. Even harder still might be finding a camp that can cater to your specific disability. Luckily there are camps designed just for you. Camps for teens with disabilities can cater to all types of disabilities without taking away any of the fun. For example, they might have special rigs so you can zipline or basketball courts for teens in wheelchairs.

kids with disabilities at camp

Troubled Teens

If your parents telling you to shape up or ship out, then a camp or summer program might be for you. Boot camps for troubled teens or Christian retreats can provide you with the help that you need to get back on track. These camps might take a military approach or just get you back to nature through wilderness camps. The best part is you get to learn to work together and build leadership skills with teens that are having the same problems.

Camps in Your State

You aren't limited by your interests either. Maybe you just want to find some camps that are in your state. For example, there are teen summer camps in Michigan for those Michiganders out there or you can find camps troubled youth in Indiana and Illinois. Whatever you are looking for, there is a summer camp for you.

Summer Programs for Teens

Maybe going to camp just isn't your thing. You're looking for a different kind of summer program. Fear not! Whether you want to have a great adventure, study abroad, or just find a summer job, limitless options await.

Summer Adventures

They're not camps but programs that get you out into the world. You might take a road trip or complete a marine biology program. Adventure programs can be done solo or in a group. Just find the one that interests you.

Theatre Programs

Summer theater is a hot thing for teens to try. Not only can you take summer classes in acting, but you can check out your local theater to try out for productions. Starting a theater program will not only push your acting aspirations forward but give you a great summer as well.

kids rehearsing on stage

Study Abroad

If the farthest that you've ever gone is the Dairy Mart in the town over, then you need to step out of your comfort zone. Well not just stepping out of it but totally plunging off the comfort cliff. Join a study abroad program and totally immerse yourself in a new culture. Not only will you learn about the language and customs but have a once in a lifetime experience.

Summer Job Programs

Honestly, you can get a job at any time. However, some job programs are designed for the summer. Job programs that offer teen summer travel opportunities could not only take you to a new state but to a whole new country. Rather than just playing at summer camp, you could make a little dough too by working at a summer camp.

Endless Summer Fun

Summer programs and camps are everywhere when you are a teenager. Not only can you tailor them to your interests but to where you live. The options are truly endless when you are looking for ways to stop video gaming your summer away.

Teen Camps and Summer Programs