130+ Saturday Quotes to Celebrate the Weekend

Published March 2, 2022
Saturday fun with friends

Saturday is more than just a day of the week. It's a feeling, a mindset, and an attitude. Share your sentiments about the most laid-back day of the week with this list of more than 10 dozen Saturday sayings. No matter what your perspective on Saturday, you're sure to find the perfect expression here!

Short Saturday Quotes

Saturday quote man tired at work looking at computer

The magic of Saturday can be expressed with a variety of short and snappy sayings and expressions.

  • Is it Saturday yet?
  • Saturday bliss.
  • Celebrate Saturday.
  • Long live Saturday.
  • Saturday moves me.
  • Saturday salutations.
  • Saturday is "me" day.
  • Stay, Saturday, stay!
  • Make way for Saturday.
  • Keep calm and Saturday.

Saturday Instagram Sayings

Saturday quote woman riding in car and smiling

Curate your Saturday for all to see by adding these fun Saturday captions to your Instagram stories or other social shares.

  • If Saturday were a smile...
  • Celebratin' Saturday.
  • Feelin' Saturday vibes.
  • Take me away, Saturday!
  • Findin' my Saturday bliss.
  • Saturday makes me smile.
  • Saturday hair; it's everywhere!
  • Hello Saturday, here I come!
  • This is what Saturday looks like.
  • Makin' the most of my weekend.

Happy Saturday Wishes

Saturday quote fun at restaurant with friends

Looking for the right words to wish someone a happy Saturday? Share your sentiments with one of these upbeat sayings.

  • May this Saturday feed your soul.
  • May your Saturday be a bastion of bliss.
  • May your Saturday rise to the occasion.
  • Smile, it's Saturday...
  • Saturday greetings!
  • Have a super Saturday!
  • May your Saturday be magical.
  • This Saturday, may everything go your way!
  • May you spend your Saturday doing exactly what you want.

Sweet Quotes About Saturday

Saturday quote couple with baby at home

Capture the unique sweetness of Saturday with these satisfying sayings.

  • Saturday melts my heart.
  • Saturdays are something special.
  • Saturdays are special days.
  • There's no time like Saturday.
  • Saturday supersizes my smile.
  • Saturday is sweeter than dessert.
  • There's no smile like a Saturday smile.
  • Saturday is as sweet as cotton candy.
  • Saturday is the icing on the cake of each week.

Quotes About Enjoying Saturday

Saturday quote woman assembling table with screwdriver

Saturdays are made for enjoyment. Use these quotes to exponentially exclaim your Saturday experience.

  • Saturday is what you make of it.
  • Free your mind on Saturday.
  • Saturdays are made for play.
  • Saturdays are made for enjoyment.
  • Sleep in like it's Saturday morning.
  • Treasure the pleasure a Saturday brings.
  • Today is a great day to relax and do nothing.
  • Saturday is packed with endless possibilities.
  • Saturday is like a spa day for my schedule.

Quotes to Greet Saturday Morning

Saturday quote woman waking up petting dog

The dawn of Saturday deserves an extra-special good morning message, even if you sleep until noon (or beyond!)

  • Rise and Saturday shine!
  • Welcome to Saturday!
  • Rise and relax; it's Saturday.
  • Hey, hey, hey, it's Saturday!
  • Breathe-in Saturday, exhale stress.
  • Welcome to the possibility of Saturday.
  • There's no cause for alarm on a Saturday morn.
  • Saturday morning: One step closer to Saturday night.
  • Welcome to the weekend; you've been working for this all week.

Quotes to Celebrate Saturday Night

Saturday quote couple romantic pizza night

Whether your idea of the perfect Saturday night is spent snoozing on the sofa or enjoying a date night out on the town, these quotes capture the true spirit of a weekend evening.

  • Saturday night delight!
  • Forever Saturday night.
  • Party like it's Saturday night.
  • It's still Saturday somewhere!
  • Steppin' out on Saturday night.
  • Midnight can't stop Saturday night!
  • Party on Saturday, from dusk 'till dawn.
  • Stand up and be counted on Saturday night!
  • What happens on Saturday night stays on Saturday night.
  • The only thing better than Saturday morning is Saturday night.

Saturday Quotes for Friends

Saturday quote friends playing board game

Morning, afternoon, or night, the last day of the week is the perfect time to gather with your favorite friends. Use these fun sayings to get everyone geared up to gather.

  • You're in my Saturday circle.
  • Let's Saturday together.
  • Saturdays are made for friends.
  • Saturdays are sharing with friends.
  • Saturdays are for the most special of friends.
  • I don't share Saturdays with just anybody.
  • Every day is Saturday when we're together.
  • Saturday companions are the bestest friends.
  • With you in my life, every day is like Saturday.
  • What's more special than Saturday? Spending Saturday with you!

Quotes for Positive Saturday Vibes

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No list of Saturday sayings would be complete without a collection of positive prose. Peruse the list below to pick your preferred phrases.

  • Experience Saturday with abandon.
  • A rainy Saturday is still a Saturday.
  • Saturday strengthens me.
  • Every Saturday is a great day.
  • Always look forward to Saturday,
  • Saturday is always just around the corner.
  • Saturday today, Saturday tomorrow, Saturday forever!
  • Saturdays are like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
  • Saturday: The exclamation point on the end of an awesome week.
  • At least days that aren't Saturdays are only a few days away from the next Saturday.

Cute Saturday Sayings

Saturday quote woman at work acting silly

Express the lighthearted mood of Saturday with these super-cute turns of phrase.

  • Saturday is a state of mind.
  • It's Saturday in my mind.
  • Stay strong and Saturday on.
  • Saturday: Parting is such sweet sorrow.
  • Saturday is lucky number seven day.
  • Why can't there be a Saturday after every workday?
  • If I could put time in a bottle, it would be Saturday.

Relaxing Saturday Quotes

Saturday quote woman in car with sun on face

Is Saturday your favorite time to relax? Riff on your penchant for rest and relaxation with these rejuvenation-focused sayings.

  • Saturday goals: relax and rejuvenate.
  • Saturdays are for sleeping in.
  • Keep calm and Saturday on.
  • Saturday: Your own personal reset button.
  • Nothing says Saturday better than a blank to-do list.
  • Retreat from the rat race on Saturday.
  • A relaxing Saturday is the sign of a life well-lived.
  • Saturday is the perfect time to relax, recharge, and unwind.

Saturday Activity Sayings

Saturday quote woman rollerblading on sidewalk

If you're more about packing your Saturdays with adventure and activities than resting, the sayings below might be more your speed.

  • Saturday gets me going.
  • Don't stop; it's Saturday!
  • You can sleep on Sunday!
  • Get it all done on Saturday!
  • Supercharge your Saturday.
  • No sleep 'till Saturday's over.
  • Squeeze every drop from Saturday.
  • Shop 'till you drop on Saturday!
  • Nothing can stop you on Saturday.
  • Squeeze every minute from Saturday.

Inspirational Saturday Quotes

Saturday quote woman hiking at sunrise

Looking to recharge on Saturday? These inspirational quotes will help you get psyched up for the fabulous week that lies ahead.

  • May the joy of Saturday shine through you every day.
  • All things are possible on Saturday.
  • Saturday is the first day of the rest of your life.
  • Find joy as the week draws to a close just before a new one dawns.
  • Saturday's purpose is to set you up for success in the coming week.
  • The way you celebrate Saturday sets the tone for the rest of the week.
  • Live Saturday with such joy that it follows you into the next week.

Punny Funny Saturday Sayings

Saturday quote woman holding cat

Some puns are chuckle-worthy, while others garner groans. You'll find a few of each in the following list of puns about Saturday.

  • Happy cat-urday!
  • Seize the Saturday!
  • Face the Saturday.
  • Satur-dazed and confused.
  • I'm in a Satur-daze.
  • Saturday is the day off-ter Friday.
  • Weekend do anything on Saturday!
  • Saturday was made for multi-slacking.

Somewhat Funny Saturday One-Liners

Saturday quote woman telling jokes on stage

Speaking of groans, no collection of Saturday sayings would be complete without a few corny one-liners.

  • Why did Saturday and Sunday join forces? To avoid being weak-days.
  • When's the best time to go to a comedy club? Satire-daze.
  • How did you binge-watch an entire series on Saturday? You sat-all-day on the sofa.
  • Why is Saturday better than candy? It's super-sweet but won't give you cavities.
  • What's your favorite time zone? The one where it's Saturday the longest.

There's So Much to Say About Saturday

Not everyone shares the same idea of what a perfect Saturday looks like, so there are a lot of great ways to welcome the first full day of the weekend. You may even want to get a head start on Saturday with these weekend quotes that make Friday (and then Saturday) feel a little closer!

130+ Saturday Quotes to Celebrate the Weekend