66 Autumn Quotes That'll Make You Fall for the Season

Fall quotes are a great way to highlight this season change! Share the beauty and blessings with these autumn sayings.

Updated August 29, 2023
Adorable little girl and mom enjoying an autumn day outdoors

You really autumn know that fall quotes are the best way to usher in this cool and crisp time of year. The season is brimming with breathtaking beauty, cozy sweaters, and let's not forget pumpkin spice.

From fall family quotes to romantic sayings about this season of change, these warm and colorful expressions are guaranteed to bring your autumn projects and social media posts to life.

Inspirational Quotes About Autumn

The sheer bliss of autumn is the delight of watching the leaves in their final dance.

Autumn is the perfect analogy for the shedding of the past. In many regions, people change out their tank tops for chunky sweaters, sip on apple cider, and take in the turning of the leaves. It's Mother Nature's final hurrah before the cold of winter settles in. Give inspiration to your friends and family by sharing some fun fall quotes that show off the spirit of the season!

  • Autumn teaches us the ending is as beautiful as the beginning.
  • You must get rid of the old to begin anew.
  • The sheer bliss of autumn is the delight of watching the leaves in their final dance.
  • Fall is the ending of one book, but it always has a spectacular sequel.
  • Autumn isn't about falling into winter. It's about dancing in the wind.
  • Autumn is a sweet ending that brings hope and joy for a new, bright beginning.
  • It's hard to find the beauty of winter landscapes without first enjoying the colorful ending of autumn.
  • I never think of autumn as an ending. Instead, it's a tree's colorful, joyous dance into a new beginning.
  • Fall is Mother Nature's last gift before a dormant winter and the expected rebirth that we wait for in spring.

Fall Into Autumn With Cute Quotes

Once the leaves start to change, the crafts start coming to life with Halloween and Thanksgiving on the horizon. It's time to adorn your home with fall favorites like pumpkins, leaves, crimson, and gold. Better yet, spice up your decor by adding a charming or cute quote to your fall letterboard for your friends and family to enjoy!

  • Autumn is cinnamon, spice, and everything soft and fuzzy.
  • Fall is a tree's grand finale. It bursts with color and beauty.
  • If autumn makes you cry, don't worry, you aren't the only one. Trees are shedding their leaves everywhere.
  • Summer doesn't collapse into fall. It's more of a colorful explosion.
  • There is a reason nature gives you an explosion of colors in autumn. It's taking away the sun for the season.
  • Enjoy the sweaters of autumn as long as you can, because the coats of winter are coming.
  • Goodbye swimming and sun. Hello, sweaters, cider, and stunning colors.
  • Take a note from autumn's book and focus on aging gracefully. Be colorful, keep your cool, and take any opportunity to dance in the wind.
  • Autumn is a bit melodramatic. It wants to be the center of attention.

Funny Fall Quotes for Instagram to Spice Up Your Season

Autumn yard work is no joke! I am feeling all the rakes and pains.

A great way to spice up the season is with funny fall quotes that caption the joys of this beauti-fall time of year! Here are some silly sayings that will leaf everyone feeling gourd!

  • Don't be a jerk-o'-lantern. They are hollow inside.
  • Feeling gratefall for these a-maize-ing autumn days!
  • Channeling my inner fall: I'm turning over a new leaf this season.
  • The fall colors are simply un-be-leaf-able!
  • Autumn yard work is no joke! I am feeling all the rakes and pains.
  • We fall into the autumn season likely because we overheated in summer.
  • Fall is a gourd-geous time of year where we all get the chance to live apple-y ever after.
  • Autumn is a time to go big or gourd home with your decorations! The trick of winning the season is giving people pumpkin to talk about!
  • Don't stop be-leaf-ing! Hold on to that fall feeling!
  • Bautumns up! It's time for pumpkin spice and everything nice!
Helpful Hack

If you plan to post these funny fall quotes on Instagram, then you better have a picture-perfect moment to pair with them! Some easy ways to achieve awesome autumn moments is to coordinate your clothing, choosing some signature fall colors, and selecting a backdrop that features the favorites of fall — bright foliage, plump pumpkins, and football fun!

Fall Family Quotes That Are Sweeter Than Your Pumpkin Spice

Fall is quite possibly the best time of year for families! From pumpkin patches to hayrides to Halloween tricks and more, this is the time to be gratefall and blessed for the ones we most adore.

  • Fall is about carving out time for family.
  • Life is gourd at the pumpkin patch.
  • It isn't really autumn until the kids are diving into leaf piles. That's when the magic of the season really happens.
  • We picked the best ones for our orchard! These guys are the apples of our eyes.
  • Thankful and blessed to have this crew!
  • Autumn: A golden time for family, festivals, flannel, foliage, and fantastic food.
  • It's hard not to fall in love with this season when you have a family. As we watch the colors change, we too, watch our babies transform before our eyes.
  • Fall is when friendships become family and we take stock of our true blessings.
  • Autumn reminds us to be thankful every day of the season, not just on the fourth Thursday of November.
  • It's ironic how this time of change also brings back constants. Fall traditions are always a favorite with this family!

Romantic Fall Quotes for Those Falling in Love

Love is in the air in autumn. You can't help but notice the beauty surrounding you.

What's better than cozying up with the one you love? These sweet quotes are perfect for couples, crushes, or anything in between. 

  • Autumn is all about falling: falling leaves, falling temperatures, and falling in love.
  • Despite what is happening in the world, autumn shows us beauty. And you're the one I want to share it all with. 
  • I fall in love with autumn every year. And I fall more in love with you. 
  • Cider and sweaters soothe my soul as I watch the season go by with the one I love.
  • Nothing says love like a warm fuzzy sweater and cider by the fire together.
  • Fall in love with pumpkins, spice, and everything nice.
  • Autumn is the perfect season for handholding and getting lost in the red and gold.
  • Love is in the air in autumn. You can't help but notice the beauty surrounding you.
  • Fall in love with the moments that autumn brings.

Autumn Quotes to Share With Friends

The air is cool, the scent of cider is sweet, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Grab your friends, get out of the house, and share some quotes about your autumn adventures on social media. You can also create a fun DIY autumn craft to adorn your home. Many of these fall quotes could make a great saying for a fall tumbler!

  • Autumn is about celebrating change with good friends, bonfires, and the love of family.
  • Fall is a season of love. It's for admiring the colors, exploring the haunts, and loving time together.
  • Autumn is the best time of year to gather around a good bonfire and share a cider with friends and family.
  • Grab your jacket and boots and get lost in the colors of the season.
  • Autumn is the pre-party for the winter wonderland. Gather your friends and enjoy it before the last leaf falls.
  • Autumn is for love, laughter, and dancing in the leaves.
  • Fall is the season of gold. It's worth its weight in memories.
  • Enjoy your time with friends and family, watching the world become more beautiful throughout the autumn season.
  • The color of autumn is more beautiful with friends and family by your side.

Autumn Captions About Falling Leaves to Spread the Joy

Autumn is a kaleidoscope of wonderful bringing in a magical season.

Autumn is the best time to break out your camera. The colors are captivating, and they make great photo ops for cute family moments. Share your love of this beautiful season with your friends and family on Instagram or Snapchat. Add these clever captions about falling leaves to spark a smile.

  • Even the trees know when it's time to let something go to make room for the new.
  • Enjoy the cool air and warm colors this autumn.
  • The beauty of fall leaves brings a smile to your heart.
  • Autumn is a kaleidoscope of wonderful bringing in a magical season.
  • Don't just be a leaf. Be an autumn leaf. Go out with a bang.
  • Autumn is the final show, demonstrating how beautiful the world can be.
  • You can truly understand the meaning of beauty when you enjoy the colors of autumn.
  • Autumn is like a firework. The world explodes in an array of colors that no other season can match.
  • Spring is for the flowers and fall is for the leaves. Each gets to be a headliner of their season.
  • Every falling leaf shows the elegance of change. With each autumn, we get the chance to become a better version of ourselves.

Powerful Words That Capture the Beauty of Autumn

It can be hard to capture in words the sheer beauty of autumn. The cooler nights, sipping cider around the fire, and the anticipation of the holidays to come. Fall is when the world becomes a flurry of gold, crimson, and orange that is stunning to behold. Let yourself get lost in the beauty of the season and share it with the ones you love.

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66 Autumn Quotes That'll Make You Fall for the Season