70 December Quotes to Welcome the Joyful Spirit of the Season

These quotes to say hello to December are sure to warm hearts and spread joy! Use them on social media, a letter board, or anywhere to bring smiles.

Updated November 21, 2023
Sisters having fun in snow

December is a beloved time of year for so many people. From the Christmas decorations to the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, and of course, the jolly feeling that this time of year brings, most can't wait to say "Hello, December!"

If you're shopping around for creative ways to welcome the final month of the year, we have quite a collection of original December quotes. You can add these to holiday decorations, letter boards, your social media posts, and more — no matter which you choose, they're a perfect way to greet the winter season!

Motivational Quotes to Say Hello to December

Does December sing to you? This month brings with it a flourish of holiday fun and winter activities. Spark the joy of December in those around you by sharing some unique quotes about this wonderful month.

The lights are twinkling. The snow is flying. It's time to say hello to December.
  • Let the magic of December surround you.
  • Say hello to December and magical winter nights gathered around a fire.
  • It's time to say hello to December. Let the spirit of the season surround you.
  • Spread your love of icicles and snowflakes. Hello, December!
  • Hello, December. Grab your hats and gloves to settle into a winter wonderland.
  • The lights are twinkling. The snow is flying. It's time to say hello to December.
  • The twinkling beauty of a snow-covered pine tree is the centerpiece of December.
  • December is the time of year when white snow covers the land and builds a happy snowman in your heart.
  • Hello to the bustling moments of togetherness December brings.
  • Hello, December. A time for family, love, and hot cocoa.

Quotes to Welcome December & Show Your Love for the Season

As December 1st approaches, the world becomes a magical place. It lights up with music, vibrant colors, and time spent together. Use these December quotes as inspiration on your social media. You might also choose to add them to your December picture posts.

Hello, December. It's all about getting together, decorating your tree, and enjoying the season together.
  • Ring in December with hats and handholding.
  • December is the best time of year to snuggle in close to a fire with those you love.
  • Warm moments with friends and time around the tree with my family make me welcome December with an open heart.
  • My heart loves the warmth December brings through sharing time with loved ones.
  • Some say dark and gloomy December — I say cold nights and happy smiles with family around a warm fire.
  • Let December spruce up your life.
  • The smell of pine is in the air. Hello, beautiful December.
  • Drown out your November blues with the twinkle of December.
  • Hello, December. It's all about getting together, decorating your tree, and enjoying the season together.
  • Warm fires and warmer friends brighten up my December nights.

December Quotes to Share the Magic

There's no denying that December is a magical time of year. Winter snow creates a magically beautiful wonderland sparkling before your eyes. Not only that, but Christmas lights ignite your inner cheer. Welcome the magic that December brings with these fun winter sayings. 

December moments are magical memories we make together.
  • Children delight in the magic December brings. From making men of snow to sledding down the hills, memories are made in December.
  • Let the wintry breath of December dance over you in its hypnotic magic.
  • Twinkling lights and merry fill the air in December. The world becomes a magical winter wonderland.
  • The magic begins in December and ends with a visit from a jolly old soul.
  • Dive into the sparkle December brings. Get lost in the peace, happiness, and enchantment of the season.
  • Let the delight and enchantment of December wash over your soul.
  • December moments are magical memories we make together.
  • Let your soul flourish in the wintry magic December brings.
  • Remember to enjoy the magic of December this season.
  • Welcome December as the love and joy of the season wash over you.

Inspirational December Quotes to Make You Smile

Chill and cheer fill the air in December. The need to give is ignited, making it the perfect time to craft a heartfelt present or a card. You might just use these original quotes to create your own perfect holiday prints. 

  • Ring in a December to remember for a lifetime. Surround yourself with the parties, the presents, and the people that you love the most.
  • December brings smiles, love, laughter, and cheer.
  • Get inspired by the joy of December.
  • Dare to dream when December rolls around.
  • To fall in love with the season once again, say, "Hello, December."
  • Find hope in the future by enjoying the fall of the first snow of December.
  • December is a magical time when the world begins to twinkle with merriness and love.
  • Dive into the magical world of December, when Mother Nature waves her wand over the world, blanketing it in white.
  • December wraps you in a cloak of love and laughter with warm drinks by the fire.
  • The first day of December is the spark that inspires the world to become a little more joyful and giving.
Need to Know

Giving back this holiday season doesn't need to take a lot of time. In fact, there are meaningful ways that you can help your community in 30 minutes or less. Try to remember the reason for the season and think of little ways to spread joy around you this December!

Funny December Quotes to Keep Your Jolly Going

December is a wonderful time of year, that can many times bring stress due to all of the activities you have to squeeze in. For those looking for a bit of a laugh, these welcome December quotes can help you usher in the season with a smile, some silliness, and even a little sarcasm!

It’s December, so you better treat yo'elf or Yule be sorry! The claus for celebration only lasts so long!
  • Welcome December: When shopping brings out all the RGFs #restingGrinchfaces
  •  Oh December, you are the most wine-derful time of the year! I'm excited for the fun to start pouring!
  • Sleigh what?! It is December already? 
  • December has arrived! We better make it rein before the deer get here and steal the show!
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present is here: Say hello to Mr. December!
  • December: The most tree-mendous time of the year to pretend to be a lumberjack and chop down your own tree. 
  • Oh December, it was love at frost sight. I'm so excited for another dalliance with joy and good cheer!
  • This is snow drill — December is here! Get ready to make it glow! #Christmaslights
  • My pine-ing is over! The delight of December is here!
  • It’s December, so you better treat yo'elf or Yule be sorry! The claus for celebration only lasts so long!
  • December: That terrifying time of year when visiting the mall triggers my Claus-trophobia. That's right, my fear of Santa Claus, or is it crowds?
Fast Fact

In case you didn't know, a fear of Santa is actually called Santaphobia

Beautiful December Sayings & Wishes

Need a quick quote to let the world know how much you love December? Then you've come to the perfect place. Enjoy an assortment of short December quotes to add a little pizzazz when you need it.

December is a simple wish that brings spectacular moments.
  • December is a precious gift from Mother Nature.
  • Find the light of love as December rolls around.
  • Memories are made in December.
  • The majesty of winter starts in December.
  • To find inspiration in the season, say hello to December.
  • Snow is a sprinkle of magic pixie dust that brings cheer.
  • Find the charm of December once more.
  • December is a simple wish that brings spectacular moments.
  • Life gets a little merrier when December rolls around.
  • Say hello to the sparkle of December.
  • December unlocks joy in people's hearts.

Famous December Quotes & Messages to Share 

Celebrities, poets, and politicians alike love to share little snippets of wisdom. And that includes saying hello to December. Enjoy the following poetically perfect prose crafted by the masters.

  • "This looks like a December day, it looks like we've come to the end of the way." - Willie Nelson
  • "December's wintry breath is already clouding the pond, frosting the pane, obscuring summer's memory." - John Geddes
  • "Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us." - Hal Borland
  • "The color of springtime is in the flowers; the color of winter is in the imagination."- Terri Guillemets
  • "Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood." - Andy Goldsworthy
  • "It is December, and nobody asked if I was ready." - Sarah Kay
  • "Will love be true as December frost, or fickle and fall like the rose in June?" - Clement Scott
  • "God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December." - J. M. Barrie

December Quotes Welcome the Winter Season

When you want to welcome December, do it in style by posting a beautifully crafted original quote. You can add these to your social media pages or holiday cards, work them into your scrapbooking adventures, or even add them to a gift or chalkboard. They're likely to bring a smile or two to those you share them with.

70 December Quotes to Welcome the Joyful Spirit of the Season