18 Bluey Quotes That Parents Love for Real Life

These meaningful and relatable Bluey sayings are one reason parents love the show as much as kids do.

Updated January 24, 2024
Magic Claw Has No Children, His Days Are Free and Easy

If your family is full of Bluey fans, you know that nearly every episode is jam-packed with memorable sayings. Bluey quotes range from hilarious and endearing to downright emotional. 

Whether we're gaining wisdom from Bandit and Chilli — the beloved parents of the series — or hearing a funny one-liner from Bluey herself, the quotes are one reason so many parents are as obsessed with the show as their children. These are the Bluey sayings we can’t get enough of.

Relatable Bluey Quotes That Make Parents Feel Seen

The true magic of the low-stimulation toddler show Bluey is how the show entertains children while relating to the parents stuck watching cartoons with their kids. Many episodes feature brief moments of the animated dog parents getting frustrated, experiencing uncertainty, and doubting their abilities to be good moms and dads. These moments, and the quotes that accompany them, remind us that it’s okay to admit when parenting is hard.

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"Magic Claw Has No Children, His Days Are Free and Easy."

Magic claw has no children, his days are free and easy.

Episode 19 of season one ("The Claw") gave us one of the most memorable parenting moments of the series. As Bandit (Bluey's dad) is attempting to entertain his daughters as a "magic claw machine" he responds casually to their "dad" pleas with "I am not Dad. I am Magic Claw. Magic Claw has no children, his days are free and easy."

This quote validates what so many parents feel from time to time: the ease of life before kids was something we took for granted. While we — and Bandit — love our kids, the work of parenting is real. 

"I Need Twenty Minutes Where No One Comes Near Me."

Chilli, mom to Bluey and her little sister Bingo, also gives us plenty of relatable parenting moments, like the line that helped many moms feel seen in episode eleven of the third season ("Sheep Dog"). 

After a tough afternoon of making dinner with two children constantly demanding her attention, Chilli declares, "I need twenty minutes where no one comes near me." And all the overstimulated moms watching the show rejoiced. With this one line, Chilli gave us permission to speak up when we needed a little time to ourselves as moms.

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"The Door. It Is Right Here. All We Need to Do Is Walk Out of It."

Season two, episode twelve ("Sticky Gecko") is centered around Chilli attempting to get both kids out the door on time while navigating around the mess their playtime has created. As she gets increasingly frustrated at the unnecessary delays, she delivers a line that makes sense to nearly every parent.

"The door. It is right here. All we need to do is walk out of it. It's so easy." But parents know it is never that easy, and the days of simply walking out the door are gone. We love to see Chilli giving us relatable mom moments that speak to the flustered parent in a moment of pure desperation. 

"We All Fail Mum School Sometimes..."

We all fail mum school sometimes, but that’s okay. We can try again tomorrow

This may be one of the truest statements from Chilli Heeler in the entire show. After playing "mum school" with Bluey in the season two episode of the same name, Chilli speaks a serious truth to her daughter.

After believing she’s failed her attempt to parent a wayward balloon, Bluey asks her mom if she’s failed at mum school. Chilli softly says, "We all fail mum school sometimes, but that’s okay. We can try again tomorrow." 

Chilli reminds us that no mom can boast of being perfect. What matters is that we decide to get up tomorrow and try again. Thankfully, real-life mum school is not a pass-or-fail course. 

"No, It was Yesterday."

Get ready to cry. Which you should be prepared to do whenever you’re watching an episode of Bluey. But, this episode (season two episode 27, "Grandad") introduces us to Chilli’s dad and leaves us with one of the most tear-jerking quotes at the end.

As Chilli is watching her own dad play with her children at the lake, she leans against him saying, "I remember when you used to take me swimming here." The episode wraps with Chilli saying, "That was a long time ago" and Grandad reminding her "No, it was yesterday." As the shape of adult Chilli fades into her younger self, this Bluey quote about love left many of us parents suddenly struck by how quickly time passes and how much we remember those early childhood moments for our kids. 

Bluey Quotes That Inspire Parents and Children Alike

Since Bluey does such a wonderful job of showing the experiences of children and parents, it’s no surprise that many of the memorable sayings can apply to both perspectives. These are the quotes from Bluey we love as parents and also love to use as good reminders for our children.

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"Remember, I’m Always Here for You."

One of the most beloved episodes of Bluey is episode 26 of season two ("Sleepytime"). The dreamy episode shows Bingo’s (Bluey's younger sister) journey to learning to sleep on her own, without running to her mom in the middle of the night.

As Bingo realizes she’s growing up, Chilli, communicating through Bingo's dream, says, "Remember, I’ll always be here for you. Even if you can't see me. Because I love you." In reassuring Bingo, Chilli also reassures many kids and parents of the unbreakable bond and unwavering support found between a parent and a child. 

"Pick Myself Up. Dust Myself Off. And Keep Going."

In one of the most emotional episodes of the show, Bluey and Bingo put on a play for their mom on Mother's Day. Thinking she’s ruined the day, Bingo confesses she feels defeated. In this season two episode ("The Show") we get a glimpse of Chilli sharing her own method for pressing on with her daughter.

She and Bingo work through the mental checklist together. "Have a cry, check. Pick myself up, check. Dust myself off, check. And keep going." As parents, we often have to teach our kids the same process we use to deal with life's ups and downs, and this little checklist is honestly helpful in countless situations. 

Fast Fact

This is one of the most talked-about episodes of Bluey, as many viewers feel that the events and dialogue hint at Chilli having experienced a miscarriage before having her daughters. That makes Chilli's checklist all the more inspiring.

"Sometimes Special People Come Into Our Lives. Then They Have to Go."

Well look, sometimes special people come into our lives, stay for a bit. Then they have to go

The exchange between Bluey and her mom in the season 1 episode "Camping" applies to so many life situations we encounter as children and adults. After making a new friend and quickly having to say goodbye, Bluey seeks clarity from her mom:

Chilli: "Well look, sometimes special people come into our lives, stay for a bit. Then they have to go."

Bluey: "But that's sad!"

Chilli: "It is! But the bit where they were here was happy, wasn't it?"

Bluey: "Yea, we caught a wild pig together!"

Chilli: "Maybe that makes it all worth it?"

We love how Chilli validates Bluey’s sadness while also reminding her that sometimes the love we feel for people is worth the pain of missing them when they’re gone.

"Run Your Own Race..."

Season two, episode 50 gave a peek into the past as Chilli recounts Bluey’s journey of learning to walk as a baby. With Bluey being the last in her class to reach the milestone, Chilli felt she wasn’t doing a good enough job as a mom (talk about relatable, huh?). 

When another mom, one with more experience and more children, encourages her with kind words, Chilli realizes she’s doing a much better job than she thought. With that, she explains to her girls, "...from then on, I decided to run my own race."

A motto parents and children can learn from, this quote sticks out in the overall emotional episode. When we are all focused enough on our own journey, we are less likely to judge ourselves by the rate of someone else’s journey. 

Need to Know

This episode is mostly memorable for the line delivered to Chilli by fellow mom Bella: "There's something you need to know. You're doing great." As Chilli's eyes well up with tears, it's hard to hold back our own emotions as a parent figuring out their way.

"When You Put Something Beautiful Out Into the World It's No Longer Yours."

“When You Put Something Beautiful Out Into the World It's No Longer Yours.” - Bandit, Bluey

Episode 41 of season three (Stickbird) sees the Heeler family on a beach trip. As with many episodes of Bluey, we get a glimpse of one of the parents dealing with some sort of real-life struggle. As Bandit's struggle blends into Bingo's sadness over a lost "stick bird," we get a melancholy yet comforting quote from Bandit. 

Bandit consoles Bingo as he says "When you put something beautiful out into the world, it's no longer yours really." We know Bandit meant to make Bingo feel better, but he also gave us a sweet little nugget of wisdom.

Fast Fact

The episode never reveals what's bothering Bandit throughout the story. One fan theory suggests it could be something associated with Bandit's job as an archaeologist. 

"You'll Face Harder Things Than a Cricket Ball..."

In one of the newest episodes of Bluey, we get a better look into the life of one of Bluey's schoolmates. As little Rusty is learning how to face fears and challenges in the game of cricket, a heartwarming letter from his dad gives him (and us) the inspiration to be brave.

In this season three episode, Rusty's dad writes "But look, as you grow up, you'll face harder things than a cricket ball and you'll have two choices: Back away and get out, or step in front and play a pull shot." He shows Rusty and the viewing parents and kids that stepping in front of the ball can be risky, but it can also be the very step that wins the game. 

Funny Bluey Quotes We Say on Repeat

“I don’t want a valuable life lesson! I just wanted ice cream.” - Bluey, Bluey

The relatable, encouraging quotes from Bluey are true gems. But we also love the purely hilarious sayings from the kids and the parents in the show. If you’re a long-time viewer of the series, you’ve probably repeated a few of these quotes yourself.

  • "This is what happens when you're unhappy with what you've got, someone's husband eventually gets it!" - Chilli (season two, episode two, “Hammerbarn”)

  • "It's called a tactical wee." - Bingo (season one, episode eight, "Fruitbat")

  • "I don’t want a valuable life lesson! I just wanted ice cream." - Bluey (season two, episode 47, "Ice Cream")

  • "Oh, biscuits!" - Bandit (season one, episode five, "Taxi")

  • "Duck cake!" - Bandit (season two, episode 44, "Duck Cake")

  • "I slipped on my beans!" - Bingo (season one, episode 28, "Grannies")

  • "Bugalugs' is going to push it." - Muffin, (season three, episode 33, "Granny Mobile)

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Find Your New Catchphrase on Bluey

If you haven’t given Bluey a try yet, it’s worth watching just for the memorable quotes alone. You never know, you might just find your new life saying, family motto, or personal catchphrase.

18 Bluey Quotes That Parents Love for Real Life