46 Martini Quotes & Captions When You Want to Sip, Snap, & Share

Share the art of a good martini with a caption that'll be as classic as the drink itself.

Published May 16, 2023
Woman's hands holding glass of Martini with olives

Martini time. Is there a finer time? A Hendrick's martini with a lemon twist, perhaps a buzzy espresso martini, or something a little more tart like a cosmo - there's no problem, day, or moment that can't be fixed or improved upon with a martini in hand. Sneak a snapshot of that beauty in your hand then copy + paste your favorite caption. Bottoms up!

Witty Martini Captions

Martinis, as regal as they are, call for a bit of sass, light sarcasm, or a witty turn of phrase.

Bartender making espresso martini
  • You had me at martini.
  • Eat, sleep, martini. Repeat as needed.
  • The espresso martini life for me
  • Life gave me lemons, so I made a lemon drop.
  • I only make martinis, never excuses.
  • I've never met a gin martini I didn't like.
  • When in doubt, I find a martini helps.
  • Monday? Oh, you mean martini-day.
  • A martini a day keeps the clouds at bay.
  • More than a drink, a lifestyle
  • Queen of #MartiniMonday
  • Another night of martinis and mischief
  • A gin martini is good for the soul.
  • My love language is martinis.
  • Talk (martini) dirty to me.
  • I like my martinis as dry as my humor.
  • I only work to support my espresso martini habit.
  • Shaken, not stirred - absolutely caffeinated
  • What a martini can't fix isn't worth my time.

Short Martini Captions to Start the Night Off Right

Keep it short, you have a martini that's getting warm. And, besides, martinis do most of the talking for themselves. This caption is a supporting act.

Bartender serving a martini decorated with olives
  • Stirred, not shaken
  • A sip of heaven
  • Martinis & memories
  • Olive you & my martini
  • In my dirty martini era
  • But first, a martini...
  • My martini, my rules
  • Martini & chill
  • I work hard, martini harder
  • Destination: martini
  • Extra dirty tonight
  • It's 'tini time
  • Martinis are the bee's knees.
  • Vermouth need not apply
  • A martini is tranquility.
  • Sun set, martini rising
  • Martini dreams

Quotable Martini Captions to Go With Your Drink

Allow the stars and professional martini drinkers to do the talking for you.

Woman pouring alcohol in martini glass
  • "A perfect martini should be made by filling a glass with gin, then waving it in the general direction of Italy." Noel Coward
  • "One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough." James Thurber
  • "Hearts full of youth, hearts full of truth, six parts of gin to one part vermouth." Tom Lehrer
  • "I never go jogging, it makes me spill my martini." George Burns
  • "Happiness is finding two olives in your martini when you're hungry." Johnny Carson
  • "Shaken, not stirred." James Bond
  • "We know the best feeling in the world is the one between the second and third martini." Al Pacino
  • "When I have one martini, I feel bigger, wiser, taller. When I have a second, I feel superlative. When I have more, there's no holding me." William Faulkner

An Ode to the Photographable Martini

You're unstoppable with a martini in hand. So why not let the world know when you're gearing up for your next evening of mischief with a martini drink caption. What better way to celebrate your love of martinis.

46 Martini Quotes & Captions When You Want to Sip, Snap, & Share