40 Uplifting "Everything Happens for a Reason" Quotes to Help You Stay Positive

"Things happen for a reason" quotes can encourage you to keep striving for your goals! These positive sayings can help you find a new perspective.

Published January 11, 2024
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Everything happens for a reason — it's a phrase we often hear when things don't go our way and is intended to give us hope that our dreams and goals still exist, despite some setbacks. For folks who are looking for a bit more inspiration in life's frustrating moments, we have some uplifting "things happen for a reason" quotes to help give you some clarity.  

Deep "Everything Happens for a Reason" Quotes 

When life gives you lemons, maybe you were meant to make lemonade. These "everything happens for a reason" quotes can help you to think outside of the box during frustrating moments so that you can see the bigger picture. 

  • Everything happens for a reason. Your path may be changing, but it doesn't need to alter your destination. Keep pushing forward. You can still reach your goals.
  • Don't look at this obstacle as a stopping point. Choose to see it as a reroute onto your correct path. 
  • This is not a failure. This is a chance to learn, grow, and become better than you were before so that you can achieve your greatest moments.
  • You only have two hands. You can't always juggle everything, so when you drop the ball, just let it go and prioritize everything else that you are shuffling.
  • In the game of life, we are sometimes dealt bad hands. That doesn't mean you can't win, just that you need to be more strategic with your decisions. 
  • In moments of heartache or sadness, it's important to look back and analyze the big picture. What has gone wrong in your life, that then led to something right? Everything happens for a reason.
  • Life is filled with twists and turns. We may not know where our path will lead us or why certain obstacles appear in our way, but it's important to remember that this is just a step in our journey and that there is a reason for everything.
  • Would wonderful things really be wonderful if everything was always good? Our struggles teach us to appreciate those simple, yet spectacular moments in life. There is a purpose in everything.

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Quotes for Finding Purpose in Difficult Times 

Maybe, just maybe, what you thought you were meant to do is not your destiny. Sometimes things go wrong so that you can find what is right.

In hard times, it can be easy to go down a rabbit hole trying to figure out why things didn't go according to your plan. Profound "everything happens for a reason" quotes can help you to see past this one moment and re-prioritize your future. 

  • Maybe, just maybe, what you thought you were meant to do is not your destiny. Sometimes things go wrong so that you can find what is right.
  • Times will seem confusing and not everything will make sense, but life is filled with remarkable moments if you let go of your defenses. 
  • You are what you are because of your experiences. Know that everything happens for a reason and that you will become better because of this.
  • There is a purpose to every person, opportunity, and hardship in your life. While you may not see the reason for these things in the moment, it will appear when the time is right.
  • Stop living in the past. What happened was meant to be. Thrive in the present and find your purpose for the future. 
  • When things are tough, life can seem impossible, but this is just one insignificant instance in your incredible life. You have already achieved so many amazing things and there are so many more to come. Believe in yourself and the fantastic future you are destined to enjoy. 
  • Stop trying to find the reason for everything. Sometimes things just happen and we won't ever know why and that's okay. You will survive this and come out stronger on the other side.
  • It's funny how life's hardest moments seem impossible until time takes the pain and frustration away. More love and joy will come your way. Just wait and see.

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Sayings for Believing Something Wonderful Is About to Happen 

Sometimes things don't go our way because there are even better opportunities for us on the horizon. These encouraging "things happen for a reason" quotes can help you stay positive until you find the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. 

  • Sometimes things go wrong to help you learn to appreciate what is about to go right.
  • Optimism is a powerful force. If you believe that everything will pan out, then you are halfway to your dreams.
  • It may be dark now, but every sunrise brings brightness into our lives. Look ahead and search for the radiance.
  • Each day, choose to wake up with the hope that everything good will happen and believe that you are the reason for it.
  • When life closes a door, it opens the sunroof that lets more sunshine in! You have good things just above your view. Take a moment to look up and see the beauty overhead.
  • With every fall, you have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on your path. Take solace in your struggles, knowing that they will make you stronger for your next steps.
  • Believe that joy will come and things will get better. Trust in your hopes and dreams. Know that you have what it takes to overcome any struggles that come your way.
  • Serendipity doesn't come to those who sulk. Keep your head up high and know that good things come to those who wait and trust in themselves. 

"Things Happen for a Reason" Quotes for Those Who Believe in Fate

Karma is the perfect example of how everything happens for a reason. If you put good into the world, then you will find happiness in your future.

If you believe in destiny, then you already know that everything happens for a reason. These quotes can help to caption your feelings about your future.

  • Your destiny will appear when you soul is ready to accept it. Everything that happens before then is meant to be.
  • It's not about what you are fated to do or be, but rather, what you do once you reach your destiny. 
  • Fate is the culmination of our actions. How we treat others and how we react in good times and bad is what determines our destiny. Things happen for a reason, so make sure to steer in the right direction.
  • You can't stop a storm, so don't try. It will pass when the time is right, and when the clouds clear, you will be able to find the destination you seek.
  • Don't rush into things just because you think they are what you are supposed to do. Everything happens for a reason so that you can find your fortune-filled fate. 
  • You are not fated to do just one thing. Fate is like a tree. It has many branches and when one breaks, a new one sprouts bringing a whole new stretch of possibilities.
  • Everything happens for a reason so if you don't work towards your goals, then don't expect to magically achieve them. 
  • Karma is the perfect example of how everything happens for a reason. If you put good into the world, then you will find happiness in your future. 

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Famous "Everything Happens for a Reason" Quotes to Inspire You

Movies give us the perfect view of life's big picture. They allow us to see how everything ties together and happens for a reason. These famous quotes from cinematic works and songs can help you keep your perspective positive during trying times. 

  • "I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day." - "I Can See Clearly Now" by Jimmy Cliff
  • "Bad things come suddenly, with no warning. But we forget that sometimes that's how the good things come too." - Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy
  • "You'll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to." - Robin Williams as Sean in Good Will Hunting
  • "Nothing happens to anyone that he is not fitted by nature to bear." - Russell Crowe as Maximus in Gladiator
  • "Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one." - Linda Hunt as Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas
  • "Why do we fall, Sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up." - Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth in Batman Begins
  • "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you might find, you get what you need." - "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by The Rolling Stones
  • "Everything happens for the best. You'll never know if you don't try." - John Hannah as James in Sliding Doors

Find Purpose and Joy No Matter What Life Brings 

Perspective is everything. If you believe that there is something better out there for you and that happiness is just around the corner, it won't take long to find these opportunities. Harness positivity through everything happens for a reason quotes and know that good things will come soon.

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40 Uplifting "Everything Happens for a Reason" Quotes to Help You Stay Positive