50 Uncle Captions to Share Love and Laughs

Tell your followers all about the fun of being an uncle or let them know that you have the best uncle there is with a heartfelt or witty caption.

Published March 8, 2023
Boy and uncle watching something in a smartphone under a colorful blanket

Maybe you're looking for a way to express gratitude to your awesome uncle or you want to share why you love being the fun uncle yourself. Whatever your goal, fun or thoughtful uncle captions will help you craft a social media post as dynamic as the world's best uncle.

Share Sentimental Captions About Your Favorite Uncle

If your uncle feels more like a father or friend, post a caption that will show him how much you appreciate his influence in your life. A heartfelt uncle caption will have your family and followers tapping the like button right away.

Uncle and nephew having red wine in park
  • You're my hero and my friend. Thanks for being the best uncle.
  • You're the kind of uncle every family wishes they could have.
  • Thank you for inspiring me to be the kind of man I always hoped to be.
  • For fun and free advice, you're the best uncle around.
  • Thank you for teaching me everything I needed to know for life.
  • I'm so blessed to have an uncle who feels as close to me as a dad.
  • Thanks for teaching all the things I didn't know I needed to learn.
  • You've shown me what it means to put family first.
  • You may be an uncle in title but you are much more than that. You are as important as a parent and as close as a friend.
  • When family was all I had, I'm glad it included you.
  • You've taught me honesty, loyalty, hard work, and how to be a wonderful uncle.
  • You are a part of all my favorite childhood memories.
  • Thanks for being more than just a fun uncle. You have been the greatest influence in my life.

Write a Witty or Funny Uncle Caption

For a lighthearted approach for an uncle who loves a good laugh, try a witty uncle caption. Refer to classic TV or movie uncles, focus on all the goofy things you love about him, and remind everyone why he's the fun uncle.

Uncle carrying nephew in front of a house
  • You're my favorite party-crashing uncle.
  • You're the Uncle Jesse to my Michelle.
  • Thanks for always helping me get out of trouble, even though you're usually the one putting me there to begin with.
  • You won't know how crazy my family is until you meet my uncle.
  • You're my favorite uncle, even though you're my only uncle.
  • The only person cooler than my dad is his brother.
  • All the fun and guidance of a dad with none of the discipline.
  • You're the fun uncle, the family comedian, and the best person I know.
  • You embarrass me. You prank me. You love me. That's what uncles do.
  • Thanks for teaching me all the fun stuff.
  • Uncle Buck has nothing on you.
  • You're the designated fun family member and I hope I get to be just like you someday.

Tell the World Why You're The Fun Uncle

If you're looking for an uncle caption for your own social media post, make sure you use this opportunity to let everyone know why they call you the fun uncle. After all, it's part of the job description, so shout it out on Instagram!

  • I can't believe I get to be an uncle. I've always wanted to spoil someone else's child.
  • Hey kid, I'll teach you everything your parents forgot about having fun.
  • Your parents will teach you about life. I'll teach you how to make the most of it.
  • If you think her dad is protective, wait until you meet her uncle.
  • Everyone else plans the party, I just bring the fun.
  • When you're looking for advice, call your dad. When you're looking for a partner in crime, you know my number.
  • This is the coolest gig I've ever had. The uncle life is the best life.

Say What's on Your Heart

If you want to tell your family how much being an uncle truly means to you, then say it with a heartfelt uncle caption. A few words from the heart will show everyone how you can bring both the fun and the sentimental.

Uncle giving a piggyback ride to small niece
  • The best uncles start out as awesome brothers.
  • I never thought being an uncle would teach me so much about being a better person.
  • Uncle. The best job I've ever had.
  • Being your uncle has shown me a love I never knew existed.
  • Being your uncle is fun, being your friend is even better.
  • I'm getting the uncle upgrade! New niece or nephew on the way!
  • If I couldn't have you as a son, I'm so glad I can have you as a nephew.
  • Being an uncle is more than just teaching kids how to have fun. It's about teaching them how to not take themselves too seriously.
  • I'm a proud uncle today and every day.
  • Loving the children of your siblings is a strange experience. We spent our childhood fighting, but I would give my life for any of those kids.
  • I always knew I would be a fun uncle. I just had no idea I would be such a sentimental one.
  • All the adventures we've had and all the ones that await us will never compare to the grand adventure of being your uncle.
  • I already know I'll love being a dad, because I've loved being an uncle.
  • Watching you grow up is the coolest part of being an uncle.
  • I promise to always be there for you. Not just because I'm your uncle but because I'm also your friend.
  • How could anyone not love being an uncle when they get to know a kid like you?
  • An uncle first, and a friend forever.
  • I'm so proud of who you have become, whether it's because of or despite having me for an uncle.

Finish Your Caption With an Uncle Hashtag

In keeping with proper social media etiquette, you'll need a hashtag or two to complete your caption. Try a few of the best uncle hashtags to give your post a little boost.

  • #cooluncle
  • #prouduncle
  • #unclelove
  • #unclelife
  • #uncleduties
  • #uncleandniece
  • #unclejesse
  • #uncletime
  • #favoriteuncle
  • #family
  • #nephewlove
  • #familytime
  • #family
  • #memorie

Communicate Your Love With the Best Caption

A social media post may feel like a simple thing, but it could touch the heart of the person you're posting about. Letting everyone know how much being an uncle means to you or how thankful you are for the uncle in your life is a great way to caption any family photo.

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50 Uncle Captions to Share Love and Laughs