Inspirational Poems About Parenting

Updated November 19, 2018
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Inspirational poems about parenting have a wide variety of uses from offering encouragement to being a special part of a card or scrapbook. Use great parenting poems from other authors or find creative uses for your own inspirational verse.

Inspirational Parenting Poems

There are many parents' resources available to find inspirational verse related to children and parenting, even some children's literature and inspirational poems for kids focuses on parenting.

Baby, Teach Me

By Michele Meleen

Baby, please help me
this is all brand new.
I need your guidance
in taking care of you.

I'll need you to cry
when you're hungry or wet.
I'll need you to quiet
when you're feeling content.

With every action you take
valuable skills I'll earn.
But, I'll need you to be patient
as I've got lots to learn.

Parenting won't be easy
but when push comes to shove
There's one skill I was born with
and that's showing you my love.

Limitless Love

By Michele Meleen

As a parent, I've been equipped
with limitless love
for all my children
and all their lives.
This love can never stop
and it can never end.
It goes on forever
until the end of time.

Keep Your Advice

Mother reading to kids

By Michele Meleen

The advice starts coming
when baby is announced.
Whether solicited
or thrust upon the parents.
Most have good intentions
while some think their way is right.
Still, others want to take your place.
I know parenthood isn't easy
and maybe I'm ill-equipped,
but you can keep your advice
because I prefer learning on the job.

I Can

By Michele Meleen

I may not know:
how to change a diaper,
make a bottle,
heal a scrape,
cure a broken heart,
or transition from child to adult.

What I do know is:
I can feed you fuel
I can quench your thirst
I can offer comfort
I can give you words
I can make you important
I can speak with love
I can give you all that's good
It's part of parenthood.

Short Poems About Parenthood

Short poems about parenthood capture the complexities of this vital job in a few words or sentences. These poems can be serious or funny and work great for sharing on social media.

The ABC's of Parenting

By Michele Meleen

Always be calm.
Bless them with love.
Call Grandma when all else fails.

Where Are the Instructions?

Daughters playing with father

By Michele Meleen

Where are the instructions?
Parts B and C look weird.
That connection's not quite working
and some accessories have disappeared.
Please find me the manual
that makes parenting manageable.

My Dream Job

By Michele Meleen

I want a job that's fun and sweet,
The kind that makes me feel good.
Lucky me, I've found such a treat
And they call it parenthood.

Eternal Parenting Struggle

By Michele Meleen

Mom says "yes", Dad "no"
Two forces of nature fight
Someone always wins.

Parenting: The Greatest Inspiration

Becoming a parent is one of life's biggest challenges and greatest inspirations. With the vast range of emotions that accompanies having children, from incredible fear and worry to intense love and joy, it is no wonder that parenting is a popular theme for poetry and literature. Writers have delved into the perpetual muse of parenting for centuries and there are poems, verses, and quotes penned that apply to virtually every stage, parenting style, and relationship with children from the innocence of infancy to the relationships of adult children with their parents.

Creating Your Own Inspirational Parenting Poetry

Even if you don't think of yourself as a poet or writer, you may still be able to come up with an inspirational poem, especially if the poem is for a particular person or particular occasion.

  • Think of the person whom the poem will be about or for and make a list of his or her unique characteristics. You can also use the letters of the person's name to create an acronym about the person as a wonderful parent (or child). This can form the basis of a poem.
  • Think of a particular experience or occasion and write as many details about it as you can (a birth or graduation, for example). Use pictures, cards, or other keepsakes to jog your memory and fill in any sketchy details such as colors, site, scents, sounds, and expressions.
  • Consider how time has changed your relationship as a parent (or as a child if for your own mother or father). Write down things that have changed and things that have stayed the same as an inspiring contrast.
  • Write down any personal thoughts, words of encouragement, religious text, or other tidbits that have helped or encouraged you as a parent and collect them together as personalized poetry collection.

Use specific, concrete details whenever possible and allow your own emotions and thoughts to guide you. Use language that is comfortable for you. Free verse can be beautiful and doesn't have to have a specific structure or rhyme.

What to Do With Your Inspirational Verses

Whether you choose a verse written by another person or poetry you've written yourself, there are dozens of ways to share the encouragement and emotions in parenting poetry.

  • E-mail to others
  • Send in a card or letter
  • Create personalized cards or scrolls
  • Create personalized magnets
  • Create bookmarks
  • Have the poem screened on a personalized t-shirt
  • Frame the poem with appropriate artwork or photos
  • Personalize on jewelry
  • Write on a cake for a special occasion
  • Use in scrapbook pages

Honor Your Parenting

Whether you use inspirational poems about parenting as a token of personal encouragement for yourself, on a simple handwritten note to a friend or neighbor, or on personalized jewelry or other gifts for special occasions, the heartfelt verses drawn from the life-changing experience of parenting are sure to be treasured.

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Inspirational Poems About Parenting