50 Cute & Funny Last-Day-of-School Quotes That Make the Grade

Whether you're a student, teacher, or parent, you can use these A+ end-of-school year quotes to celebrate!

Published April 28, 2023

School's about to be out for summer, which means that students, parents, and teachers will all be capturing their last day photos to commemorate the occasion. Make sure that your social posts stand out with these sweet, silly, sentimental, or slightly sarcastic last-day-of-school quotes!

It's also a moment filled with lots of emotions - the hard work of the school year wraps up and the excitement of summer is on the horizon. Use these fun quotes in cards, messages, letter boards, or any way that helps you celebrate the success of another school year ending.

End-of-School Year Quotes that Capture a Parent's True Feelings

The last day of school is a bittersweet moment for parents - you get your babies back, but now you have to figure out what to do with them for the next three months. These sweet and funny phrases help to caption the mixed emotions and many changes that come at this suddenly very busy time.

Mother and daughter relaxing in hammock outdoors
  • Guess I need to put multitasking back on the schedule... #lastdayofschool
  • Sunrises are sensational, but I'd rather sleep in! #goodbyedropoffs
  • Who said school was over?! Summer school, here we come! #nosummerslideforus
  • SO proud of the work these kiddos put in this year! #straightAstudents
  • We crunched the numbers, and math is out of the equation this summer. Too bad these kids didn't read the fine print... HELLO Summer Reading Program!
  • Moving the kids' daily lessons to the pool!
  • Summer = swimming laps and taking naps. #bestmombreakever
  • Counting down the days to summer camp!
  • Getting my babies back until next school year! Ready to make a splash this summer!
  • Tomorrow calls for LOTS of coffee! I don't know how these teachers juggle 20 kids! I only have to keep up with ___ and it's exhausting! #lastdayofschool

Cute & Clever Last-Day-of-School Quotes for Students

The last day of school is like a breath of fresh air! After a LOT of hard work, it's time to relax and let go of your cares! These end-of-school year quotes are the perfect way to showcase your excitement.

  • Today is the day! It's the last day of school!
  • Guess it is time to calc-u-lator!
  • There are no goodbyes, just see-you-next-years!
  • School's out and summer's in! Let the poolside fun begin!
  • Crossed the finish line and ready to celebrate! #schoolsoutforsummer
  • And suddenly, the countdown to freshman year begins!
  • Officially upgrading to senior status! #lastdayofjunioryear
  • Goodbye ____ grade! It was fun. Now ready to to soak in some sun!
  • Adventure awaits those who seek it! Looking forward to some summer fun now that the school year is finally done.
  • We made the grades and are awaiting the bells' final dings. Ready to move on to big and better things!
  • It's amazing the changes that one year can bring. I became more driven and my grades made an upswing. Thank you, Mr./Ms. (teacher's last name)! #lastdayof school

End-of-School Quotes for Seniors to Insta-ntly Caption the Freedom

Graduation day is officially on the horizon, and seniors are getting ready to say sayonara to school! Here are some simple remarks to help students salute their last day.

Group of high school students at their graduation ceremony
  • Counting down the hours until I get to show off my cap and gown!
  • The last day of school is actually just the beginning of my next adventure.
  • It's the final countdown to the rest of my life!
  • The one where they graduate high school.
  • I came, I saw, I conquered. Can't believe the last day of school is finally here!
  • See you at the 10 year reunion, when we are old!
  • Turns out, I may actually miss this place. #lastdayofhighschool
  • When God closes a locker door, he opens up the view to my rear view window as I drive into the next chapter of my life! #collegebound
  • Aren't you grad that it's the last day of school?

A+ Inspirational Last-Day-of-School Quotes for Teachers

Teachers put their blood, sweat, and tears into their classrooms, lesson plans, and kids. Here are some quotes to highlight the excitement and heartbreak that comes with this day.

  • 180 days of heart, soul, sweat, and tears, all coming to an end. So proud of these students and even more elated to kick off my two-month vacation!
  • Pencils down, backpacks on, this school year is officially gone.
  • Thankful to have to power to make the world a more educated place. Hoping these kids will take the lessons they have learned in class and put them to good use.
  • The true measure of a teacher can be seen by taking a snapshot of their first day and the last. The progress that their kids have made speaks volumes about their ability to make meaningful change.
  • As you move on to the next chapter of your life, believe in yourself. You have proved that you can handle any challenge that comes your way.
  • That's all, folks! Year ____ of teaching is officially over!
  • Another school year is complete! Too bad I have to come back on ___________ to pack everything up.
  • You're on your way, you passed the tests, I wish you nothing but the best. I cannot believe that the year is through, but wishing another great year to you! #class of_______
  • This must be how parents feel when school starts. #lastdayofschool
  • If anyone needs a tutor, my calendar is wide open. #lastdayofworkuntilAugust
  • No matter how difficult they may be, I do end up missing my kids when they head off to the next grade. #readytomakenewmemories

Sun-sational Start-of-Summer Quotes to Celebrate School's End

The last day of school is the first day of summer vacation! Make sure to share your excitement with these sunny sayings!

Young people dancing at the beach on beautiful summer sunset
  • Ready for my summer fling with the sunshine and sprinklers. #goodbyeschool
  • Summer vacation mode = on.
  • We have lots of learning experiences planned for this summer vacation! #soakingitallin
  • Been waiting all year for June, July, and August. Summer is simply the best!
  • The last day of school is the start to SPF! #SummerPartyFun
  • Sliding into summer with a smile! Don't worry though, no summer slide here! #readytoread
  • Sometimes the most influential educational experiences are found outside of the classroom. #lastdayofschool
  • Goodbye bookbags, goodbye grades, hello sunscreen, hello shades! This summer is going to be anything but cool. That's why you will catch me chilling by the pool!
  • Been day dreaming all year about summer vacation! #timetorelax

Last-Day-of-School Quotes Can Help You Savor the Moment

No matter what grade you or your kids are completing, the last day of school is a big milestone. End-of-school year quotes can be great options for Facebook and Instagram posts or parents can use them to inspire their kids to keep learning even when school is through for the summer.

50 Cute & Funny Last-Day-of-School Quotes That Make the Grade