Festive Christmas Group Chat Names for You & Your Snowmies

When texting with your BFFs this holiday season, keep the conversation bright with one of our fun holiday group chat names.

Published December 5, 2023

If your family is anything like mine, you have a handful of group chats that are all going at once, and many of them have overlapping members. Assigning clever Christmas group chat names to these messages can be an easy way to ensure that your comments get put in the right message box. This holiday, don't accidentally reveal a secret Santa gift or a holiday surprise by texting in the wrong message chain! Instead, select one of these dazzling denominations!

Fantastically Festive & Fun Christmas Group Names 

If you want to deliver some laughs, then pun-filled Christmas group names are sure to bring the jolly. Think about the vibe each of your group chats gives off and select the title that best grooves with each of your groups. They can be perfect for messages with family members, coworkers, and friends.

  • The Snowbodies
  • Ready to Sleigh
  • The Noel It Alls
  • Team Krampus
  • The Abdominal Swole Men
  • Santa's Sleighers
  • Resting Grinch Faces
  • The Snow It Alls
  • Jolly St. Hicks
  • All the Other Reindeer
  • The Ones Who Get Caroled Away
  • Say Myrrh Name
  • Single Belles
  • Snow Way Out 
  • Rebels Without a Claus
  • The White Elephants in the Room
  • We Can't Help Our Elves
  • Moms/Dads Praying for Silent Nights
  • Ladies With a License to Chill
  • The Chestnut Roasters
  • The Curmudgeon Committee
  • The Snow Ballers
  • Holiday Hustlers
  • Santa's Real Helpers
  • Elves on Strike
  • Wreath It And Weep
  • Your Presents is Needed
  • For the Festivi-Tea
  • Coalest Stocking Stuffers
  • Not-So-Silent Sisters

Cheery Christmas Chat Group Names for Your Best Chums

Whether you are labeling the folks at the office or your friends and family, this sleighful of fun Christmas group names is sure to caption your crowd. 

  • My Ho-Ho-Homies
  • Buddies Who Bake Life Better
  • Fir-ever Family
  • People I'm Pining For
  • My Snowmies
  • The Fa La La La Ladies
  • Winter-ful Women
  • All the Jingle Ladies
  • Red Nose Nation
  • The Festive French Hens
  • Sugar Plum Fairies
  • The Little Drummer Boyz
  • Yuletide Yahoos
  • Holiday Hooligans
  • Fir Sure the Best Friends
  • The Hot Toddies
  • The Frolicking Fruitcakes
  • Candy Cane Crew
  • The Parumpapumpums
  • The Maids a Milking 
  • The Jingle Belles
  • Fab-Yule-ous Friends
  • Elfie Queens
  • Yuletide Yetis
  • Elf-taught Experts on Everything Christmas
  • Dancer's Lancers
  • The Silent Knights
  • The Snickerdoodles
  • My Reindeer-est Friends
  • Claus Their Family
Helpful Hack

If you want to find more holiday-themed Christmas group names, look at the lyrics of classic holiday songs. They can be a great source of inspiration.

Spruce-tacular Television & Cinema-Inspired Christmas Group Chat Names

Of course, we couldn't fir-get to include Christmas group chat names based on the most tree-mendous movies and television shows of all time! These punny titles are too pine to pass up, so don't be afraid to also use them as Christmas 5k group names or holiday party team names.

  • The Fast and the Flurriest Wrappers
  • Citizen Candy Cane Club
  • Saved by the Jingle Bell
  • Silent Night Club
  • Grinchbusters
  • 2023: A Spruce Odyssey
  • There Will Be Baubles
  • Almost Festive Folks
  • Blackened Ham Down
  • Beauty and the Blitzened
  • ET: The Extra Tannenbaums
  • Singin' in the Rein-deer Sleigh
  • Dead Pine Society
  • The Xmas Files
  • Mad Max: Flurry Roads
  • The Texas Reindeer Massacre
  • No Country for Old Gingerbread Men
  • The Snowbank Redemption
  • Sleigh Hard With a Vengence
  • It's a Winter-ful Life 
  • Silence of the Choir Programs
  • Love Actually Is All Around With Y'all
  • Tha Filthy Animals
  • Chimney Crashers
  • Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins
  • Buffy and the Christmas Vacation Slayers
  • The Wet Bandits

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Christmas Group Chat Names Can Help to Keep Your Spirits Bright

Whimsical and witty Christmas group names are an easy way to bring some good cheer during those especially stressful moments that can happen during this busy time of year. Another way to make spirits bright — enjoy some December jokes and winter jokes to keep you laughing through the night!

Festive Christmas Group Chat Names for You & Your Snowmies