13 Best Costco Christmas Finds to Make Your Hosting Easy

Have yourself a merry Costco Christmas with our fabulous finds from the retail giant.

Published December 11, 2023

With the Christmas season officially underway, many of us are feeling the pressures of preparing for and hosting this holiday. Thankfully, there is a very easy remedy in sight — throw a Costco Christmas and actually enjoy the holiday night!

Instead of the home-cooked food and handmade decor, this year, give yourself the gift of time by walking through those Costco doors. From Costco Christmas decor, wrapping supplies, and even your Christmas meal and hors d'oeuvres, we detail the best buys at Costco that are sure to calm your holiday nerves!

Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


We all love the idea of a freshly cut tree, but the process of picking it out, strapping it to your car, lugging it into the house, and then having to untangle your Christmas lights quickly — ugh.

Costco makes this part of Christmas simple by offering customers pre-lit trees in a box. Did we mention that this Costco Christmas decor has five lighting functions, a remote, and plenty of sizes? While this can be a big investment, it's one that can last you for the long haul.

Holiday Wreaths


As guests approach your door or eye above your fireplace, make sure they have something spruce-tacular to look at. Costco Christmas wreaths are available in both faux and fresh styles. Personally, I love the fresh balsalm because of the cranberry sprigs, the rustic pinecones, and the smell. 



You can't have Christmas without these festive red flowers! Poinsettias are the perfect touch to add to your front entryway or the sides of your hearth, providing an instant feel of Christmas delight. Best of all, they offer them in two sizes, and you can buy multiple of this Costco Christmas decor for a bulk deal, so there are no price tag surprises! 

Christmas Floral Centerpieces


Every good host knows that you need a centerpiece for your spread, and Costco has an array of options. From Christmas cacti, to holiday planters, and even mini Norfolk pines, your tabletop is sure to be looking pretty. 

Christmas Ornaments


Of course, you can't have your Christmas tree stay bare, so you also need some ornaments. If your baubles need a reboot this holiday season, Costco has a gorgeous display of ornaments to help to spruce up your faux fir and give you that quintessential yuletide vibe.

Holiday Serveware


One of my least favorite parts of hosting the holidays is the dishes, which makes a simple clean up one of my biggest holiday desires. Thank goodness for Costco playing the role of Old Saint Nick! They have disposable plasticware that's perfect for your gathering. Did I mention that these elegant plastic plates come at an exceptional price — 50 plates for $13

Helpful Hack

Don't forget to grab their bulk napkin packs and the red and green Solo cup bundles. These can make cleanup even easier!

Charcuterie Supplies


Smoked gouda, Havarti, Gruyere, OH MY! We love the cheese selection at Costco. For those folks hoping to set up a simple, yet elegant holiday hors d'oeuvres spread, Costco has everything you need.

Add in some of their crackers and sliced Italian meats. And of course, you can't forget the fresh fruits and vegetable tray. You'll find them in the walk-in coolers.

Pretzel Bites


Before you think your appetizer spread is complete, remember to grab some pretzel bites! These are one of my family's absolute favorites, and they only take five minutes to cook.

Costco Christmas Hams


Okay, okay, their hams are available at anytime of year, but at the holidays, they tend to bring me exceptional joy. You see, they offer fully cooked smoked ham that you simply slide in the oven and heat. 

In other words, there's no prep and virtually no mess. They have options that serve both large crowds and small, so they're perfect as a main course. It is also always absolutely delicious, and did I mention the price? Under $15 for a half and under $25 for a whole spiral ham.

Pre-Made Side Dishes


No Christmas dinner is complete without a salad and some sides. Fortunately, Costco has thought of everything, so you have lots of choices. They have both scalloped and mashed potatoes, pre-made Caesar salads, and rolls. 

Desserts Galore


We all know that Christmas dinner is incomplete without a few delectable treats, and Costco has some awesome options. From chocolates and truffles to colorful macarons and even crème brûlée, everyone will enjoy the Costco Christmas treats. 

Holiday Drinks


Festive drinks are another fun part of this holiday, and Costco has both hot cocoa and gingerbread mug toppers. Don't forget about their full and individual-sized sparkling cider drinks. And, of course, the wine and eggnog.

Christmas Wrapping Supplies


Of course, the Christmas holiday is incomplete without a few gifts, and the Costco Christmas paper and ribbons will help you wrap them. Your presents will look perfect under your tree. 

A Costco Christmas Can Bring Good Cheer


Sometimes, seasonal stress can set in and make the holidays a bit hard to bear, but Costco can help. Having a Costco Christmas can take some of the pressure away, allowing everyone to enjoy the season. So this holiday, skip on some of the more stressful parts of hosting, save some money and time, and just go to Costco!

13 Best Costco Christmas Finds to Make Your Hosting Easy