Gloria Duchin Ornaments: A Christmas Interview

Updated May 27, 2021
Vintage Gloria Duchin Pewter with Red and Green Glitter Enamel Santa and Christmas Tree Ornaments

Learn all about Gloria Duchin, from the woman that started the brand to the gifts offered. Explore the different merchandise available through the expert eyes of Robyn Smalletz.

What Is Gloria Duchin?

If you adore Christmas decorations, add the heartfelt beauty and sparkling whimsy of Gloria Duchin ornaments to your collection. Gloria Duchin offers Christmas ornaments, gifts, and tokens of kindness. The metal ornaments are handcrafted and made in the U.S. Additionally, most gifts offered through the company generally cost less than $20.

Gloria Duchin Merchandise and Ornaments

Gloria Duchin offers an array of different ornaments, kindness tokens, and giftware. The merchandise has distinctive pewter and gold ornaments in all different types of themes. President of Gloria Duchin and the founder's daughter, Robyn Smalletz, offered a glimpse into this distinctive theme by saying, "silver and gold are central colors of the holiday season."

The Creation of the Gloria Duchin Collection

Smalletz went on to discuss the different collections available at Duchin. "My mother's first collection was designed in a gold-tone finish. Quality was imperative and closely monitored as it is today. As the collections evolved to include silver-tone, assortments were accented with Swarovski crystals, earning the designs the reputation of "Jewelry for Your Tree."

Three Christmas Gloria Duchin Ornaments

"We then introduced pewter to the design palette because of the beautiful sheen of the metal and its natural softness. We can capture much more detail in pewter than some of the other substrates. It is a lovely balance of metals to work with, and since we pride ourselves on making memories, crafting metal ornaments makes sense because of their durability and long-lasting life."

Kindness Tokens

In addition to their renowned ornaments, Gloria Duchin offers kindness tokens created by Catherine Galasso-Vigorito. The kindness tokens feature a half dozen different styles that you can give away to brighten someone's day.

Popular Collections

The collections available through Gloria Duchin vary by year. However, there are a few fan favorites, according to Smalletz.

Angel Ornaments

"Each year, we design a new series of six pewter angels packaged in collectible story boxes. Our angel collections are among our most popular, not only because they are beautifully designed, but because they are also inscribed with inspirational messaging or Bible verses."

Child Choir Signer Caroler Christmas Ornament Gold Red Gloria Duchin 1990 Metal

Remembrance Keepsakes

"We also have seen growth in the remembrance category of ornaments, whether people have a place for a photo to remember a lost loved one or a tender poem that reflects on their memory." Styles for remembrance ornaments include angles, hearts, crosses, and even paw prints.

Military and Patriotic

"We also continue to see a demand for our military photo ornaments that support our men and women in the armed services. This collection has become an important cornerstone in our line since 9/11." In addition to dog tags and specific collections for nurses, you can find military vehicles, fire trucks, and bells.

2019 Pewter USA Star Keepsake Photo Christmas Ornament Gloria Duchin USA

Artistic Process Behind the Creations

Since the creations offered by Gloria Duchin are handmade, unique creations are continually being offered. Robyn Smalletz offered a bit of inside knowledge about the creative process, "I am continually inspired by the beautiful bounty of colors and designs that nature offers us, and often use natural elements in our designs. I am also mindful of what's taking place and influencing our society." Therefore, Gloria Duchin uses what is happening in the world as inspiration for creating ornaments and lines.

Child Choir Signer Caroler Christmas Ornament Gold Red Gloria Duchin 1990 Metal

History of Gloria Duchin

To create the Gloria Duchin brand, Duchin used her knowledge gained in fashion and retail to tap into the growing holiday ornament market. In 1979, she created a niche by crafting personalized gold-tone, silver-tone, and later pewter, ornaments. After 40 years, the company has created more than 100 million ornaments.

According to Smalletz, "Thirty years ago, when my mother founded the company, there was a tremendous interest in Christmas ornaments, especially engraved and personalized styles. This interest has steadily continued over the years."

Unique Christmas Ornaments

Looking for the perfect present around Christmas time can be hard. However, Gloria Duchin offers affordable, unique ornaments to make your Christmas tree shine. And if you are looking beyond just ornaments, they have other giftware to fill your needs.

Gloria Duchin Ornaments: A Christmas Interview